7 Best Food Delivery Apps for 2021

7 Best Food Delivery Apps for 2021

Feeling Hungry? Then take out your smartphone and get food instantly within a few taps. On-demand food delivery apps have emerged as a boon for customers who don’t know cooking or who want their food at the workplace.

Food delivery services became extremely popular in recent years, but never more so than during the pandemic when dining out is a strict no-no. Even though most of the countries have lifted restrictions on dining in, food delivery apps are in no danger of being deleted from our smartphones soon.

This blog takes a close look at the seven best food delivery apps that promise to bring you meals from the comfort of the couch. So, let’s start!

Top 7 food delivery apps to relish your taste buds!

Everything that we do in our life is to make three square meals a day for our family. So when it’s time to enjoy those three delicious meals, do you wish to get into lengthy procedures to get the food or simply get your favourite dish in an instant? Here are some amazing food delivery apps that you need to look at in 2021:

1. Foodpanda

FoodPanda was established in Berlin in 2012. It started operating in India in 2013. Currently, it is operating in 12 countries and has 1,15,000+ restaurants on its board. Moreover, FoodPanda provides its on-demand food delivery service to over 400 cities.

You can rely on FoodPanda to get the doorstep deliveries of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It offers attractive deals and discounts on online food ordering. FoodPanda’s app contains multiple features, such as real-time tracking, online payments and cash on delivery.

2. Doordash

DoorDash has reached 200,000+ stores across 1500 cities. Their drivers have grown to over 5,30,000. This brand has created a culture where the customers, dashers, and product merchants are equally revered and benefited from working with the company.

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One of the wonderful features of the DoorDash food delivery app is “Delight Score.” DoorDash’s delight score can be set by combining different scoring factors based on food quality, dish popularity, and delivery speed.

3.  Zomato

Zomato was launched in 2008 by Pankaj Chaddah, Gunjan Patidar and Deepinder Goyal. Initially, it was just limited to providing food reviews and restaurant recommendations to its users. Gradually, Zomato shifted to the online food delivery segment.

Zomato’s tech-based on-demand food delivery marketplace is an excellent collaborator for restaurants, customers and delivery partners. Users can use Zomato’s on-demand food delivery app to discover new food items, latest restaurants in the town, read and write customer reviews, upload photos and book a table.

Zomato is a top-rated food delivery app across top cities and towns. Its food delivery app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Besides this, it offers both cash on delivery and an online payment mode with real-time order tracking.

4.  Swiggy

Swiggy was founded in 2014 by Nandan Reddy, Sriharsha Majety, and Rahul Jaimini in Bangalore. You can search by location, cuisine, restaurant, location. You can check the reviews and ratings before placing an order. Real-time tracking is also available to know the delivery status.

Swiggy also offers Swiggy Pop where customers can order single-serve meals within a single tap at affordable prices. This eliminates food wastage and the hassle of typing unnecessarily to fulfil the minimum billing condition.

5.  UberEats

Have you ever thought that you can get food from the same company that lets you ride safely? Well, you don’t have to think more as Uber has already ventured into the on-demand food delivery industry in 2014 as UberEats. And the surprising thing about UberEats is that it has reached the list of top players in just 5 years!

UberEats is a standalone on-demand food delivery solution that covers more than 500 cities in 24 countries, including Austin, Singapore, India, Tokyo, Baltimore, Singapore, Portland, and a host of other countries across the globe. While UberEats shares some of its features with Uber, such as cashless transactions and estimated delivery times.

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In the times of COVID-19, UberEats is providing drivers with enough sanitization choices, as well as instituting another initiative to help the customers and the drivers prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

6. GrubHub

GrubHub is the concern of Just Eat Takeaway.com, a prominent global online food delivery marketplace. It features over 3,00,000 restaurants in 4,000+ cities of U.S. cities. Furthermore, GrubHub serves around 33 million active diners. It processes more than 7,45,000 orders on a daily basis.

GrubHub’s on-demand delivery app allows the users to save past orders so that they can repeat them whenever they want by just making a single tap. The app itself is free, but there is a minimum order amount or a separate delivery charge.

7.  Postmates

Postmates differ a bit from the other food delivery services on our list. The reason is you can get a lot more than food. Postmates is a delivery service that will pick up whatever you need and deliver it to your doorsteps whenever you need it.

Postmates is so versatile that it lets you order from pharmacies, restaurants, liquor stores, and gas stations. You can easily search or filter restaurants based on cuisine type. Its delivery charges vary as per time, distance, time, or restaurant type.


So here we are with the top 7 food delivery apps of 2021. Whether you’re looking to start a cafe or takeaway, food delivery app development is the right option for you! However, you should also consider the selection of restaurants and cafes, demand for food delivery, range of available items, and delivery charges.

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