7 Major Impacts of Internet-Based Learning on the Students

7 Major Impacts of Internet-Based Learning on the Students

The internet is perhaps the most useful technology available in the 21st century. It doesn’t just connect the world but also impacts every industry in today’s date. While most businesses are now adopting digital marketing to reach a wider target market, schools and colleges are also shifting to an internet-based learning model for a better learning experience.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most academic institutions around the world were forced to shift to the internet-based education system. Although online learning has been there in the scene for several years, it is the pandemic that made us realise the true value of internet-based learning. In this blog, we will discuss some of the major impacts of internet-based learning on students as well as academic institutions and faculty members.

  1. Cost-effective and affordable education:

One of the biggest reasons why a significant number of people do not have access to quality education as it costs quite high. The internet not only improves the quality of education, but it makes such education accessible to people even in the remotest of the places on Earth.As you may know, quality education is one of the pillars of the sustainable development of a nation.

Also, students can now receive education through videos and web tutorials which is much more affordable for them.

  1. Student-teacher and peer interaction:

The internet has made it possible for students to be in constant touch with their instructors (teachers, coaches, supervisors, etc.) as well as other fellow classmates. There are social media platforms, messaging apps and chat forums where students can communicate with others.

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Parents too can interact as well as communicate with teachers and school authorities about their kid’s progress in school.

  1. Effective teaching and learning tool:

The internet is now being used as an effective tool for teaching as well as learning. Teachers can now post their teaching materials (notes and videos) on school websites or forums. This makes the learning process more interesting and diverse with the use of tutorial slides and videos, and notes. Teachers can also teach using animated presentations, PowerPoint slides, and images to capture the attention of the students.

  1. Ease of access to quality education:

Students can now easily access quality learning materials on digital platforms like YouTube for free or pay fees online for more quality study materials maths statistics coursework help. On the other hand, teachers can also use the internet by offering extra study materials and resources to students. Interactive lessons, educational quizzes, and tutorials can be more easily accessible thanks to the internet. Also, teachers can record their lectures and give them to the students for revisions.

  1. Interaction with digital media:

Frequent use of digital media has become a part of the routine for the current generation. While previously, students were reluctant to read the newspapers, they can now get the necessary information about the world around them through digital bulletin boards discrete mathematics assignment writing services. Moreover, there are plenty of paid sites where you can find educational resources. Such resources are usually rich in quality and easily understandable for all kinds of people.

  1. Staying up-to-date with the latest information:
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A wise person once said knowledge is power, and the internet provides us with the necessary knowledge on a daily basis. There is an ocean of knowledge available on the internet for every subject. Moreover, students can use the internet to get access to the latest information regarding the subjects in which they are interested.

  1. Learning with multimedia:

The internet has made it easier for the students to access multimedia resources which help simplify the knowledge guide for research paper writing. Also, it helps to visualise what is being taught by the teachers in school. If you want to prepare for the finals, you can access video tutorials and other resources online.

Parting thoughts

The internet is certainly a gift to the people of the 21st century. Thus, it is important that we use it for good purposes thesis statement creator. It does have a great impact on imparting education to the children. If it is used in appropriate ways which meet the child’s development level, they can benefit and learn from the internet more effectively.

Author bio: Paul Monaghan is a high school teacher in Melbourne, Australia. He has been serving the students for more than 5 years now Assignment on Conflict Management. He is also associated with MyAssignmenthelp.com, where he offers academic assistance to students on request.

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