7 Ways To Enhance Your Coding To Reach Your Goals

7 Ways To Enhance Your Coding To Reach Your Goals

The world is becoming more digital with each passing day. With the technological advancement brought about by the internet and the ever-growing data from different organizations, the need for people who understand the computer language is more sought after than before. The statistics also support this need. According to Computerworld.com, the job growth in the IT industry continued at a steady pace this July 2021. CompTIA also revealed that an estimated 307,000 job postings for open tech positions were advertised in June, and developers are among the highest-demand designations.

However, with this clamor for IT skills, global consulting firm Robert Half reports that up to 87 percent of IT executives say it’s challenging to find skilled and qualified technology professionals to fill up these open roles.

This reveals an opportunity to enhance your coding skills. Whether it is to land a job, a freelance opportunity, a promotion, or just plain curiosity,  improving your coding skills will surely benefit you. Here is how you can do it.

Establish clear and SMART goals

First things first is to establish a clear goal so that your actions will be guided by what you want to achieve. Do not just target to enhance your coding skills. Dig deeper and ask yourself- what do I want to achieve? Do I want to have a general idea of coding or do I want to excel in selected languages or programs? Why do I want to improve my coding skills? Do I want to widen my skill sets to have more job opportunities? Or do I want to try to be a freelancer coder as a side hustle? Or do I want to get promoted in my current work? What is my timeline in achieving all these? Being able to answer these questions can help you determine what are the appropriate steps you can take to learn more in coding.

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Make sure that your established goals are SMART- simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Take formal education

Clueless about coding? Learning the basics of coding can be your first step. Knowing the basics can let you learn more efficiently as time passes since you are already equipped with the fundamentals. You can enroll in short courses offered by different universities or schools.

However, if you are not clueless and want to advance your coding skills, formal education can also be the right move. You can pursue more advanced topics like programming languages, robotics, artificial intelligence, and other theoretical concepts, which can be complicated if you self-study.

Maximize books and other free resources

Books can still be a good tool to add knowledge on coding as the fundamentals will never change, no matter the technological advances. Other resources such as magazines and other free resources abound too. Take advantage of all these resources.

There are also podcasts on coding wherein you get to hear from experienced programmers about their career advancements. You can check out CodeNewbie, Shop Talk Show, and Javascript Jabber.

For websites that you find interesting, you may also check their source codes to learn the frameworks used by the programmer. It is a creative way to learn more and inspire you on your projects too.

Follow known coders on social media

Do you happen to admire some famous coders? Follow them on social media platforms! It is a direct way to learn from the experts- you will get to see their postings on their works, plus it is also an opportunity to ask them questions or get their insights.

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Engage in communities

One way to develop your coding skills and find support is by joining communities and interest groups. By doing this, you will get to build a network of coding professionals who have the same interests as you. In these groups, you can share your ideas, ask questions, share work challenges, and learn from each other. You can even get the latest developments and stay in the know in the field in these groups. Search for different online communities on coding and programming and join them.


It is not enough to read about coding. You have to practice the skill to improve. If you want to be better at coding, allot time to get your hands dirty and do it. Apply what you have learned, put your knowledge into use, and challenge yourself. Explore available websites that offer coding problems to solve and connect you with other individuals with whom you can share ideas and collaborate.

Share what you have learned and created

Another effective way to enhance your coding skills is by sharing what you have created and learned. You may write blogs, join conferences, or contribute to sites like GitHub and Stack Overflow to get constructive feedback.

You may also conduct webinars and share your learning and experience in coding. As they share, you learn by teaching. It is also a good way to give back to all those who have helped you learn more too.

Wrap Up

Being technologically savvy is an edge nowadays. Thus, being able to code will get you ahead, both in your professional as well as personal life. Try out the different ways on how to enhance your coding skills, so that you can achieve your goals.

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