7 Ways to Store and Protect Your Vet Clinics Inventory

7 Ways to Store and Protect Your Vet Clinics Inventory

Do you manage a veterinarian clinic? If so, then you probably have to store a lot of inventory for your practice.

The most common items stored in vet clinics include pet food, clothes, collars, shampoos, medicines, flea & tick removal formulas, ointments, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Some of these items are extremely sensitive and must stay protected. That is why you must organise your practice and boost your team’s productivity by using medical-grade storage and handling solutions from sources such as Krosstech.

Not only will these solutions keep your stored items safe, but you will never misplace any of them ever again.

Below are the top seven ways to store and protect what your click needs to run efficiently.

1) Spillage Resistant Storage Unit

When you keep medicines and liquid-based items in a storage unit, it must be spillage resistant. You never know when a bottle or container might leak in your storage unit.

The last thing you will want to deal with is spillage coming through the unit because it could contaminate food and medicine. 

A spillage resistant storage unit will ensure all spillages are contained inside the unit. Then you can easily clean the spillages as they occur.

2) Rotate Your Inventory

Some inventory items are consumed faster than others. As new items arrive in your inventory, do not put them in front of the older items.

Make sure all the old items are positioned on the front of your shelves so that they will get used first.

You must always be careful about things like expired drugs and pet food. If you were to administer an expired medication to a dog, for instance, then it could have the opposite effect on

their health. Keep the old inventory in the front to help prevent this problem from happening.

3) Colour-Code Your Stored Items

It is a good idea to colour-code your supplies based on their level of importance. Colour-coding makes it easier to see how many critical supplies you have left without having to do an entire inventory count.

Since certain supplies are more critical than others, you need to make sure you never run out of the most critical supplies.

For instance, you could put red labels on the critical supplies and green labels on the not so critical supplies.

4) Consolidate Product Purchases

You can save a lot of money on new inventory if you consolidate your product purchases together.

In other words, you should try to purchase multiple products from the same supplier, manufacturer, or distributor. Then you can enjoy some generous discounts on your order.

For instance, when you shop for medications, parasiticides, vaccines, and other medical supplies and treatments, see if you can find one supplier who has all of the products you need. It is the best way to save money on inventory.

5) Hire an Inventory Manager

Do not attempt to manage your inventory if you have other responsibilities at the vet clinics. You are more likely to make mistakes along the way if you take on too many responsibilities.

An inventory manager is dedicated to monitoring the supplies like clothes rack and submitting orders for more supplies as needed.

They will also form relationships with distributors and suppliers to promote a healthy and cost-effective supply chain for the clinic.

6) Do Not Buy Too Much

You do not need to have an inventory filled with every type of veterinary product imaginable. Buy the most critical items first, and then have a few less critical products on standby.

A storage unit with fewer items is easier to manage. Just make sure you do not run out of the most critical items.

Keep a healthy supply of them available.

7) Do a Periodic Inventory Count

Do not lose track of your inventory. Conduct a periodic inventory count every week or month to see if you have a low supply of any items.

It is the best way to ensure you do not run out of certain items when you need them the most.


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