9 Ways To Protect Your Business From Burglary

Burglary can take a serious toll on your business goals, especially for small businesses. It could be from any of your employees or anyone getting unauthorized entry into the workplace. These incidents not only put your financial stability at risk but affect your reputation as a safe business place. You may be losing potential customers without even knowing it.

While it is impossible to bring down the chances of thefts and vandalism to zero, there are ways to safeguard your business. Taking the right steps at the right time can protect you from liabilities.

Beef Up The Doors And Locks

Be it a small or a big building, doors, and locks are the first line of defense against any intrusion. The front door is the most important entrance and hence must be secured with the best means. You should hire reliable locksmiths in Kannapolis NC to assess the current condition of your security doors and locks.

Ask about how you can make your premises more secure. Installing sturdy doors and locks discourages the burglars from a distance because they are not easy to break into.

Keep Track Of Access Systems

Protecting a business is a lot more challenging than a home because several people have access to the premises. When you have to entrust the keys to so many people, you must keep enough records. Only a few businesses use typical locks and keys today whereas most modern ones rely on keyless access systems. Hire the best locksmiths to install and maintain these access systems.

Keep Valuables In Secure Vaults

You will need the assistance of the most trusted locksmiths in your area to install secure vaults in your office. They should be used to keep the valuables safe. The information about its location and access methods should only be shared with the most trusted people in your office.

Deter Burglars With Good Interior And Exterior Lighting

Securing the premises of your business starts within. Keeping your commercial building or offices well-illuminated is important because burglars love dark and shady places. Make sure all the important rooms and storage areas are well-lit.

The security of your business greatly depends on how you have prepared the exteriors. There should be adequate external lighting, especially near the doors and windows. If there are trees and shrubberies in the front yard or backyard, install good quality lighting to leave no place for them to hide.

Install The Best Alarm System

One of the simplest and most effective ways to secure your business is to install the best intruder alarm system. You will never regret making this investment. Do your research to find the best quality alarm system. If possible, hire monitoring services for your surveillance systems so that your property is never left unattended.


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Install CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTV surveillance has been in use for several years now but modern systems are far more sophisticated than they used to be. They also offer night vision, smart face recognition and online control features.

Install security cameras at the right places. You have to ensure that video surveillance is appropriately covering every part of the facility. The best approach is to install some of these cameras at visible places while others should be hidden enough so that if the burglar decided to damage any of the cameras, the hidden ones are left unharmed.

Conceal The Wiring

Burglars make the invasion easier for themselves by cutting the wires on the outside of the building and disconnecting the security and communication systems. Use cable conduits or other means to hide all of the external wirings.

Keep Burglars Away With Security Signage

No burglar likes to be caught on camera so the mere sight of the cameras is enough to deter thieves and street criminals. Take a step ahead and inform the burglars about the security measures you have taken to deter crimes. Put signage about security camera warnings, alarm systems, height measures, and security patrol warnings.

Check/Update Basic Business Protocols

Your recruitment and authorization policies should be regularly scrutinized and updated to fix any loopholes. The basic business protocols should be designed to minimize the risk of vandalism. Moreover, train your workforce on how to maintain the security of the place. The best businesses also train their workers on how to manage the situation when burglars enter the building.

If you are dealing with sensitive customer information, go the extra mile to protect the data from hacking and malware. Don’t make it easy for the intruders to have access to important credentials such as account numbers and contact details. Shred the papers for securing the information on hard copies.

Running a business is not an easy feat and keeping it secure is quite overwhelming. Delegate the safety of your business to the most reputed locksmiths and security professionals in Kannapolis NC.



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