Kickstarting Your Taxi-App Business – The White-Label Way!

Kickstarting Your Taxi-App Business – The White-Label Way!

The entire on-demand revolution started in the arena of transportation. Although the COVID-19 pandemic might have slowed down the growth rate, it is still expected to grow at a staggering CAGR of 15% from now until 2026. There is a general increase in the need for transportation. Many traditional ride-hailing companies have felt the need to adopt the app-based on-demand model.

Whatever be the country and market, the technology and the way the taxi booking app functions remains the same. There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Therefore, many businesses have taken to using white label solutions to launch their taxi booking app. It has grown so much that white-label taxi booking app development has become a standalone business model, and it has found considerable success.

This brings us to two points of discussion: the reasons why a traditional taxi business should opt for a mobile app and the reasons why a white label solution would be the best-suited method for them to zoom into technology.

Advantages of a white label solution

Many small taxi businesses around the globe have preferred a white-label taxi app and for obvious reasons.

Today, people have been so accustomed to using a mobile app for almost everything. It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost all daily activities like ordering food and medicines, grocery shopping, and even apparel shopping have been brought down to mobile apps. The dependence has become so strong that people are slowly leaving behind the old methods of getting things done. If you were to offer a phone number to book a taxi and another brand offers a mobile app to get the same thing done, there are very good chances that people would prefer to go for the mobile app. Therefore, a mobile app is not just an extension of your business but the epicenter of it!

The on-demand business model’s success is because it brought together the Internet’s availability on mobile devices and the accuracy in location offered by the GPS. By integrating all the technology elements present on the mobile device, the entire process of booking a cab is automated, and that too, without any possibilities of errors introduced by human intervention. Instead of coordinating between the passenger and the driver with endless phone calls, you can now leave the communication to the passenger and the driver. Using the GPS, the driver will accurately navigate to the user’s location for picking them up. The same GPS/navigation/mapping can assist the driver in efficiently reaching the destination. This feature comes in handy for drivers who might be new to a specific location.

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A white label solution is almost ready to be deployed immediately after purchase. If need be, you can do some minor changes to the front end so the app has your visual signature. If you have the technical capabilities, you can even alter the backend/code of the app so that you can customize it according to your business requirements. A simple white label solution can be mutated to offer corporate taxi booking, carpooling, ridesharing, and even shuttle services.

You can also introduce a review and rating system as an easy and dependable source to know about the quality and behavior of your drivers. The same review and rating system can also help you understand your customers and their behavior. The richness of data that you get at the degree of automation you can achieve with a mobile app is unprecedented and extremely useful.

The best part about white label solutions is that it is free from bugs and glitches that might interfere with the primary function your app is expected to offer. Instead of investing a lot of time in development and testing, you can invest the same money in aggressive marketing, so your app gains better traction and brand-strength among the users.

When businesses have so many compelling reasons to go for a white label solution, a white label taxi app, without question, is an impressive business model. The revenues that this business could bring in are quite immense, and there can be multiple profit models that an app can utilize.

The different revenue models

If you are a white-label taxi app development company, you can sell your product in different ways.

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You can use a SaaS model Where you provide your white label software as a service. You can either charge an upfront fee from the taxi business or go for a count-based model where the taxi business is charged according to the number of drivers and the distance covered.

Some white label solution providers prefer to work as technology partners to charge a percentage of profit that the taxi business owns from every ride or even a share in the company. You can also work on a service model where you provide the technology, leave it to the customer, and handle occasional support requests.

The features

As you may have already known, an on-demand white label taxi app ecosystem needs to have three distinct applications: one for the user, one for the driver, and one for the administrator. The basic features have already been well established. A simple and straightforward registration process, a robust payment gateway, A comprehensive review and rating system, and a computational engine that takes care to match a ride request with a driver are a few things that have always been taken for granted.

Besides, you can consider adding a few features like incorporating artificial intelligence to make cabs more available in high-demand areas at certain times. Scheduling or booking, especially for airport pickups and drops, will bring more customers to places where people have to necessarily engage a cab. Adding an SOS button that will alert the cops, and features that will establish adherence to safety requirements, especially after the pandemic, can go a considerable distance in establishing better marketability and supremacy of your right level solution.


The presence of the white label method of business opens up opportunities not only for entrepreneurs who would like to start their own cab business and for existing taxi business owners but also for developers who would like to start their own white label taxi app solution company.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs, you will need to be meticulous in choosing the best white label taxi app company for your business so they do not compromise on the quality of the product provided to you.

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