A Closer Look at the Alienware Aurora 2019 Specifications

A Closer Look at the Alienware Aurora 2019 Specifications


When it comes to gaming rigs, the Alienware Aurora 2019 by Dell is a beast of a machine that commands attention. Its dynamic specifications have drawn the attention of gamers globally, eager to explore the high-performance world that Aurora promises. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll take a closer look at what makes this Alienware offering a powerhouse in the gaming domain.

Introducing the Beast: The Alienware Aurora 2019

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a perfect example of Dell’s commitment to crafting superior gaming rigs. From the onset, Aurora’s aesthetics captivate, but it’s the intricate specifications, including the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 and the Lunar Light LED system, that make this machine a gamer’s dream.

The Game Changer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

A significant aspect of the Aurora 2019’s appeal is the GPU – the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070. This GPU takes gaming to new heights with incredible visual effects and smooth performance. If you’re seeking a gaming rig that doesn’t compromise on graphics, the Aurora 2019 is undoubtedly a top contender.

The Power of Choice: Diverse Component Options

One of the critical strengths of the Aurora 2019 is the broad spectrum of component choices it offers. From the latest Intel processors to a plethora of RAM and storage options, this gaming desktop empowers you to create a machine tailored to your gaming needs.

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Illuminating the Gaming Arena: ‘Lunar Light’ Exclusive Lighting

The Aurora 2019 doesn’t just deliver on the performance front. Its aesthetics are equally impressive, with the ‘Lunar Light’ exclusive lighting stealing the show. This visually stunning LED system adds an unparalleled aura to your gaming setup, creating an immersive environment.

A Closer Look at the Specifications

Here is all you need to know about Alienware Aurora 2019 specifications;

Processor: Fueling the Power

The Alienware Aurora 2019 comes with a range of processors to choose from, enabling you to select the power level you need for your gaming sessions. With options extending to the latest Intel processors, the Aurora 2019 ensures that your gaming sessions run smoothly, regardless of how graphically intensive your games are.

RAM: Powering Through Tasks

RAM is a crucial aspect of gaming performance, and the Aurora 2019 understands this. Offering multiple configurations, you can tailor the Aurora’s RAM to suit your specific gaming needs. This customization ensures a smooth and responsive gaming experience, allowing you to focus on the game without worrying about lag or stuttering.

Storage: Room for All Your Games

The Aurora 2019 offers multiple storage options, ensuring that you never run out of space for your favorite games. From SSDs to HDDs, the Aurora gives you the flexibility to choose the storage that suits your needs best.

GPU: Transforming Gaming Visuals

As we’ve mentioned, the Aurora 2019 is equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, a powerhouse of a GPU. This GPU ensures smooth gameplay and stunning graphics, transforming your gaming visuals into a breathtaking experience.

User Experience: Gaming at Its Best

The Alienware Aurora 2019 isn’t just about impressive specs. Its design and features come together to offer an unparalleled user experience. The front ports are conveniently located, ensuring easy connectivity for all your gaming peripherals. Plus, the system is designed to be upgrade-friendly, allowing you to boost your gaming performance as your needs evolve.

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Silent and Cool: The Cooling System

No high-performance gaming rig is complete without an efficient cooling system. The Aurora 2019, with its advanced cooling system, ensures that your machine stays cool, even during intensive gaming sessions. Moreover, the system maintains impressively low noise levels, adding to the comfort of your gaming experience.

Software Interface: Gaming Simplified

The Aurora 2019 goes a step further to enhance your gaming experience with its user-friendly software interface. This intuitive interface allows you to navigate your settings with ease, ensuring that you’re always in control of your gaming sessions.

Testing the Beast: Performance Evaluation

On paper, the Aurora 2019 is a high-performance machine, but how does it fare in reality? Performance tests have consistently shown that the Aurora 2019 can handle even the most demanding games with ease. Its combination of high-end hardware and efficient software management ensures a smooth, lag-free gaming experience.

Alienware Aurora 2019 FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Alienware Aurora 2019:

Q1: Is the Alienware Aurora 2019 suitable for all types of games?

Ans. Yes, the Aurora 2019 can handle a wide variety of games, from fast-paced FPS titles to graphically intensive RPGs, thanks to its high-performance components.

Q2: Does Alienware Aurora 2019 offer good value for money?

Ans. While the Aurora 2019 is on the pricier side, its top-tier performance, customizable options, and stunning aesthetics make it a worthwhile investment for avid gamers.

Q3: Can I upgrade the Alienware Aurora 2019?

Ans. Yes, the Aurora 2019 offers easy upgradability, allowing you to boost its performance as per your evolving gaming needs.

The Verdict: Is the Aurora 2019 Worth the Hype?

Alienware Aurora 2019 is a high-performance, aesthetically pleasing gaming rig that offers significant value to serious gamers. It’s customizable options and user-friendly features make it a worthy consideration for anyone seeking a premium gaming experience.

Based on its specifications and performance, it’s clear that the Alienware Aurora 2019 is a top-tier gaming rig. Its unique blend of aesthetics, performance, and customization options makes it a standout option for gamers. However, its slightly bulkier design and the high price tag could be potential drawbacks for some users.

Nonetheless, the Alienware Aurora 2019 offers significant value, particularly for serious gamers who demand top-tier performance and aesthetics from their gaming rigs. For a more detailed review and performance evaluation, visit Qnnit.com.

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