A Good Helper of Airport Security – Security X Ray Machine

A Good Helper of Airport Security – Security X Ray Machine

1. Why do you need security x-ray machines in airports?

Gone are the days when smuggling drugs wasn’t so prevalent, and the lives of people traveling on planes were never so threatened by an increasing frequency of plane hijackers and suicide bombers.

The threat to travelers’ lives has been increasing at alarming rates and reached a climax with events like 911 that took place on 11th of September 2001, and others in recent times such as school shootings. No mincing words terrorism is on the rise both locally and internationally and this the right time to take security of lives more serioiusly.

However, the advancements in security technologies have also been up to the task with developments like security X-ray machines. Security equipment like X-ray machines have increased security assurances for travelers and have given security operatives well-defined solutions for curbing crimes at airports.

These machines make it possible to do a full baggage search without ever unzipping any bag. The security equipment uses radiation to detect objects in a suitcase, with images of the baggage items projected as X-ray images on a screen. The operator’s job is to analyze the projected image and identify any prohibited item present in the bag.

However, the level of technology used in the machine determines the clarity and accuracy of the detection obtained by the operator.

The use of security X-ray machines increased after 1999 when bombs and airplane hijacks started becoming rampant, and the lives of aviation passengers were continuously threatened. Unregulated drugs and narcotics also became an increased source of concern for drug regulation enforcement officials.

But security agencies responded to these threats very quickly. They rose to the occasion by improving from just metal detectors to more innovative and faster security devices. These gadgets detect the smallest source of threats in a bag without having to open it.

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At most airports, the security X-ray machines can detect items as tiny as a pin or a paperclip packed in some luggage. Contrabands such as illegal drugs can also be seen with the help of these machines.

2. What is a security x-ray machine?

Security X-ray machines are inspection equipment that works by radiating X-rays to detect harmful or prohibited substances.

By emitting this radiation, the X-ray machine can detect the different weights of the items inside a suitcase and thus differentiate harmful things from harmless ones.

The operation of this equipment is very similar to that of handheld scanners and arc metals detectors, but it is baggage inspection equipment with higher sensitivity.

This sensitivity allows the detection of the densities and the shapes of the elements inside the baggage.

This recognition facility works with installed computer programs that also allow for coding the objects in baggage according to colors that signify their level of danger.

In addition, the security X-ray machine is characterized by having enough depth of field, not only to perceive the individual items in luggage and flex vega cabins suitcase but the entire quantity of objects.

This greater depth of field makes it more efficient than the handheld scanner to differentiate items and categorize them based on their geometry.

Therefore, the X-ray machine is equipped with security-evaluating features based on its ability to detect density and shapes and assign colors to alert security operatives of impending dangers carried in a suitcase, baggage, or carry-on bags. 

3. How does a security x-ray machine check for drugs?

While you are passing through metal detectors and scanners, your baggage is also going through some thorough security checks before reaching the point of loading on the plane.

After being tagged with an identifying sticker, your baggage goes to a so-called “cheek yard,” which is a maze of belts that transport luggage to different areas of the airport.

In the “cheek yard,” baggage goes through five different levels of inspection to ensure that they do not contain any prohibited items. As with hand luggage, the security personnel carry out the checks with the help of an X-ray machine.

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The bag absorbs X-rays from the security X-ray machine while passing through the machine and reveals the image of the objects contained in the bag. It also shows the densities of the things, and if any object is found to have the same density as an illegal drug, it is immediately flagged.

In case of suspicion, the suitcase is diverted for a second inspection by the Civil Guard. 

4. Uni X-ray Security X-Ray Machine

Uni X-ray has been in the research, development, and manufacture of X-ray solutions for various challenges with almost two decades of consistent and successful tailor-made solutions.

Uni X-ray has a wide array of clientele scattered around the globe. It provides cost-effective X-ray solutions to solve their challenges, including security at airports, railway stations, and aviation institutions. 

With Uni X-ray’s cost-effective range of security, X-ray equipment detecting harm locked in baggage becomes easy with a high accuracy every time. These machines meet the highest standards of security alertness required at airports and other public travel facilities like train stations and bus parks.

It takes the guesswork out of safety threat identification and drug detection with the option of fully automated operation, raising the precision level another notch by removing the human factor that can introduce some errors.

The image of the items projected on the monitor is high-resolution images, further making the operator’s work easy, smooth, and fast.

The operation of these security X-ray machines is also intuitive, with a user-friendly interface for identifying prohibited substances without stress.

5. Conclusion

To wrap up, the level of crimes at the airports has increased with drug pushers and suicide bombers, but the good news is that security advancements and sophistication have also increased. This advancement has brought a high level of security, alertness, and safety to aviation travelers.

However, choosing the best security X-ray machine to purchase for airports will be dependent on the level of security threat to the arrested.

The equipment purchaser should consider the multifaceted security threats in public places like the airport.

The security equipment should also detect the concealment of narcotics and other forms of banned substances in baggage and carry-on bags.

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