Add a bit of Fun to your Life with

Add a bit of Fun to your Life with

Staying at home during this pandemic is no longer fun. Prolonged quarantines and repeating lockdowns are daunting. No amount of work-from-home jobs, baking and gardening activities can replace the joy of being one with nature and enjoying the outdoor life. But we have to deal with it. Until when? No one can tell, as this pandemic is surprising us every other day.

Our safest choice is to really just stay home most of the times, whether we like it or not. It is for our own safety and for the safety of the people around us especially our family, the people that matters most to us.

While being inside the home gets boring as day passes by, why don’t we look for other ways how to turn our day into something fun and entertaining? One of the best ways is to play online games. No money to buy new games or make upgrades? Don’t worry, because there are still online video games that are absolutely FREE of charge! And you can find them at is site offering free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. It came to life because of the creator’s mission to add a bit of joy to people’s lives while they are stuck at home during rolling lockdowns. It aims to pay homage to the era when people used to love playing games on consoles back in the days of the original Nintendo.

Today’s mobile games or online games mostly focus on battles, paid upgrades and addictive loops, but is pretty much different as it is not following those sorts of trends. The games are super simple and have no status symbols, paid upgrades and addictive loops. The site offers casual games that can be played and finished quickly, so you have more time to enjoy other types of games you want. You don’t need to download apps to play, which means your internal space is saved. You need not register or set up a user account, too; you can enjoy all you want without sacrificing your privacy.

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Apart from all of the features mentioned above, one thing that you’ll love about is it is very kid and family friendly. Yes, everyone and anyone in the family can play and enjoy every game. None of its games feature violence or pornography, unlike the many popular games on the web nowadays.

There are a lot to choose from : puzzle games, simulation, abstract, strategy and even educational games for the young ones! is not just built to give people a source of entertainment but also learning. For growing up kids, the site will show them that learning can be fun and for the grown ups, they will reminisce their childhood while playing the games.

Amidst this pandemic when our mental health is always a concern, because the scare of the virus is causing us much stress; let us look for ways how to enjoy life in a very simple way. Let’s go back to the basics and play uncomplicated games from It can help us to just have fun and chill and relax the mind so when this trying time is over, we are still healthy in general.

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