Latest Trends in AI-powered Quality Assurance for 2022 and Beyond 

Digital transformation has brought several changes to the world of technology, and achievements in the field of software testing. Quality assurance has experienced a lot of improvements, and it has benefited many businesses.  

In the environment of dog eat dog, businesses look for ways to enhance the overall user experience and deliver a quality service/product. Quality assurance helps such businesses to eliminate any errors and work towards achieving their goals. Hence, the software testers must look for better ways to continue the roaring trade.  

Integration of AI into QA and its benefits:   

With digital transformation overhead, software testing expectations have risen. It is expected to test and deliver a product that could enhance customer experience, be delivered timely, get more time to market, and a flawless product overall. With respect to all due diligent work expectations, AI based testing has been introduced to the QA mechanism.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful mechanism that makes our machine smarter and reduces human efforts to deliver a product timely and error-free. When integrated with QA, AI in software testing has made the process more competent and efficient due to several benefits. First, it enhances the QA processes with its efficiency and fulfilling the clients’ expectations. It is also powered by smart automation that automates the process to target all the clients’ needs. While, smart automation reduces human efforts, which ideally helps businesses also to reduce overall cost.  

Benefits AI based testing brings to the table for QA:   

 There are numerous benefits of integrating artificial intelligence into quality assurance. However, to highlight a few, these are the best five benefits.  

  1. Rapid Software Testing: In the fast pace of life, you need to do more in a lesser timeframe. And when it is saving time, you need smarter ways to complete a process on time or before time. When AI is integrated into QA, it performs various functions through smart automation. By automating various tasks, it helps the testing teams to focus on the important task first, and this way, it makes the delivery process agile. Agility is one of the essential benefits of artificial intelligence when deployed with QA.  
  1. More time to market: Marketing is a crucial step after the production cycle. When it is done correctly, it is then a product is introduced into the market. However, the software development lifecycle is a long process, and when AI based testing is used, it helps in saving time. Thus, giving more time to the product owners to market the product.  
  1. Detection with prevention: Software testing is performed to rectify the mistakes that occurred during the development lifecycle. Initially, when a quality check of the software was performed, it was more about identifying errors. But now, when smart automation is performed with the help of AI testing tools, it not only detects errors but finds ways to prevent them.  
  1. Intensifies UX: Achieving maximum customer satisfaction is the end goal of every business. When AI in software testing makes the process smarter, it delivers various benefits like smooth functionality, rectifying human errors, fast problem solving, etc. All these benefits help achieve a qualified customer experience that makes the users more satisfied and delighted with the product.  
  1. Higher cyber security: The risk of cyberattacks is like a nightmare to any technology-based business. When software is developed, it needs to be tested and secured from any risk of cyber-attacks. On the contrary, when AI testing tools are deployed in software testing, it helps in intensifying security and works towards lowering the risk of any malicious cyber-attack.  

AI predictions for 2022 in software testing:   

According to the recent press report by Gartner, the worldwide AI software revenue is expected to grow to $62.5 billion resulting in an overall 21.3% growth from 2021. Artificial intelligence has led to smart automation, which in turn has resulted in smart solutions. With effective strategies like this, AI is expected to give rise to digital transformation. With such enhancements, software testing can deliver more and experience the following trends in the upcoming year of 2022:   

  • Automation –One level Up: The future of software testing includes more intelligent automation that provides for AI and ML (machine learning) that helps automate various tasks. Increased level of automation or hyper-automation helps the teams to provide a flawless product in less time.  
  • Focus on quality code standards: With smart automation, you can focus more on quality as it allows you to expand your testing horizons. It buys you more time to check through the important codes and focus more on the quality of the products. The increased use of AI will support and help the teams match the quality code standards.  
  • Instant solution through Chatbots: It is essential to focus on the customer experience and help them resolve their issues in no time. With chatbots, users can share their problems and find solutions instantly without any human effort or time. These chatbots have helped users and enhanced their experience. Hence, with AI based testing, more focus will be made on problem-solving.  


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading in the software testing industry and has benefitted the industry in many ways. There are various updates and trends to follow in the near future, and they will give rise to an enhanced user experience. However, to benefit your business and deploy AI-powered QA for your software, it is vital to choose an efficient team of experts to fulfill client needs and expectations.  

AI in software testing has gained much validation to achieve better results in the process. With digitalization comes various ways to enhance the process. AI testing tools have proved to be beneficial to software testing to make the entire process smarter, giving more time to market. The testing teams have been able to achieve the results faster and deliver products with no scope of errors.  

Speak to the subject matter experts for better and clear understanding of the process and how it can benefit your business.  


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