Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock should know about Climate change by now. From global warming to oil slicks, the planet is going through a phase of change at the moment. Changes, if not taken care of properly, can have dangerous implications. There have been widespread discussions on how fossil fuels and greenhouse gases lead to climate change.

However, there has not been enough discussion on the seemingly insignificant sources of pollution. It includes the adverse effects caused by advertising and marketing practices of different sectors. Simple eco-friendly practices like printed shadecloth instead of synthetic banners can be huge for managing the overall carbon footprint. Here are few such ways in which one can adopt eco-friendly marketing for their businesses.

Switch to sustainable materials

The best way to show support for the green movement is to adopt sustainable materials. It can start from avoiding plastic in the marketing merchandise. Other methods to be adopted are given below:

  • Shift to recycled paper instead of polythene. Use recycled paper for notebooks and other writing material.
  • Shopping bags and packing material should be made of recyclable components. Use and throw culture should be discouraged, and single-use products should be avoided. Sustainable products like refillable pens and rechargeable batteries should be adopted.
  • Printed banner mesh can be replaced with printed shadecloth. Make sure that the company logo is stamped only on eco-friendly marketing material.
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Choose openly eco-conscious services

While looking for marketing and advertising choices, it is always better to choose environmentally conscious services. Look at the billboards that are going to be leased for advertising. Do they use PVC or another eco-friendly material? PVC is known to be the most damaging of all plastics to the environment. The chlorine leaching off from these billboards as they age can cause harmful effects like immune system impairment, hormone disruption and even cancer. They are also the hardest to recycle. Choose services that use cloth or other less damaging substances. It doesn’t just apply to billboards but also all other materials used by the service provider.

Spend more on digital marketing

Cutting back on all physical advertising is never advisable, especially for companies producing for localized markets. However, relying only on billboards and loads of paper for advertisement can destroy the company’s green reputation. Investing in advertisements on TV and the internet is an easy way to be tech-friendly and eco-friendly. It can also be a way to reduce expenses and get more creative with the marketing. It also means that products can get more exposure to wider markets which in turn gives more opportunities. Advertising on social media is also a sure shot way to get content to millions of viewers with a few clicks.

Rebrand to the green aesthetic

Adopting eco-friendly business models are well and good. However, it is of no use if the message does not reach the customer. The end-user must realise the company’s efforts to stay eco-conscious so that they can choose better. The best way to do this is to adopt a green aesthetic to the complete branding of the company. Logos and symbols can be redone to represent the eco-conscious attitude of the brand. It also applies to everything from websites to business cards and packaging. It is also essential to include any ratings and certifications like energy star ratings and the recycling arrow.

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Green marketing: The only path forward

Sustainability has become a priority for consumers in recent decades. People are looking for products that are of high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly. Therefore, companies have to adapt to this new market and green marketing is the way to go. Adopting eco-friendly advertising practices can thus increase growth while also saving the planet in the process.

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