All About the Role of Committer and Contributors in the Open Source Community

Open source committer

An open-source committer is a person who has the right to submit code to the backbone directly. In addition, he also plays an essential role in the maintenance of project modules. Just like the study committee, propaganda committee, and sports committee of a class, they are responsible for maintenance in one or multiple fields through a clear division of labour.

Submitters must have a deep understanding of the technology used in their own respective modules. Moreover, he should be able to perform the core development work such as using NFT libraries as well as have a certain design ability for project architecture. And submitters also have the chance to develop themselves while making improvements in open source projects.

  • Improve field technical capabilities

Open source maintainers must have a deep understanding of the field they maintain. It can be said that no one can match this field of the project. Therefore, when you encounter new challenges every day, your “swordsmanship” will surely become unmatchable.

  • Temper a persevering mental power

Even senior developers can get stuck with challenging issues. While encountering such “blockers,” they require the courage of repeated defeats to support themselves in breaking through their own technical bottlenecks.

  • Improve self-identity and sense of accomplishment

When you resolve each problem encountered in the project on your own and realize each idea one by one, you will feel the joy of harvest and the confirmation of your accomplishments, prompting you to keep moving forward with the time.

  • Accumulate your own prestige

Adding code/documents to open source projects is an effective way to improve and enhance your technical abilities. This can directly enhance your technical capabilities. If you are regularly contributing code, you are improving your writing and speaking through specialized techniques. When you promote such a project in other forms, then this technical influence gets further amplified. In addition, participating in a well-known open source project itself can attract endorsement and technical influence to contributors, and this outcome is a win-win situation.

  • Meet a lovely group of friends

Open source projects are not a single person’s sole property but a group of people’s carnival. The growth and development of open source projects are not possible without encouragement and friend’s help.  Children of the arena, self-willing arena!

  • Improve comprehensive personal quality
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Open source capabilities. By participating in open source projects, you can understand the usage of NFT and incubation details of open source projects. Moreover, such an experience can also help you in creating and participating in other open source projects.

Technical skills. Paying attention to the open-source community without a break allows users to be in touch with the latest technological directions of the community for a long time. In addition, this provides you with many options while choosing enterprise-level system middleware.

Learning ability.  By knowing the details of the project code and gaining relevant experience, a successful open source project must help developers resolve problems in a particular field. Understanding the details of how the programmer does this or that will help you in learning.

Text ability. Gather the ability to write documents by contributing issues and documents as well as enhance the capability to write narrative solutions.

Communication skills. In most cases, the users of open source projects are other developers, and the iteration of open source projects must involve other users. Therefore, correctly handling user feedback and attending to user feedback through communication will put open source projects in a positive cycle.

Ability to raise and solve intricacies. Before starting to resolve issues, learn to ask questions first. Specific questions and answers can make you more skillful when dealing with problems.

Open source contributors & open source users

People contributing to open source projects are a force that cannot be underestimated to promote project development and improvement. Contributors can easily contribute to open source projects by submitting PR, submitting Issues, resolving issues, email feedback, community sharing, community Q&A, publicity as well as promotion, etc. Part of the force. If you have done a certain amount of research on the project and promote the development, you can be termed an open-source contributor.

As a responsible community member, the most valuable part of open source users is to put forward requirements, report bugs and also make recommendations. By reporting defects and suggesting requirements, the issues encountered in your enterprise-level projects can be quickly resolved. Moreover, it can also promote the iteration of open source projects,  which is equivalent to community contributions.

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As a responsible open source user and contributor, the boundary between the two and the open source committer is only whether the project maintainer has adopted the PR submitted to you. Therefore, the improvement gained is almost at the same level. As long as you remain enthusiastic and actively contribute to the development of open source projects, all project participants will see your contribution in their eyes.

Programmer literacy

In addition to the open source community, we must also mention developer literacy. What sort of literacy does a budding developer need? Is it all required to write codes? The right answer is, of course, no. Apart from other qualities, we are going to mention the five most essential ones:

  1. Dependable professional skills
  2. Demand understanding
  3. Team spirit and collaboration capability
  4. Documentation practices and writing experiences
  5. Architecture design ability and modular thinking ability

As far as the open source community is concerned, participating in open source helps you exercise the developers’ qualities mentioned above.

To the greatest extent, personal contribution to open source projects is of great help to professional development and personal growth.

  • Increased demand for positions
  • Improve your skills
  • Industry perspective expanded
  • Interpersonal relationship development
  • Personal branding
  • Have the ability to leave the company to survive
  • The joy of growing up
  • Sense of accomplishment

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