All you need to know about writing an essay in APA Format!

All you need to know about writing an essay in APA Format!

APA format is one of the most popular essay writing formats that is used to cite sources in different fields like business, finance and others.

Even if you search the web by using keywords like ‘write my essay’ then APA format is going to show up first and it is an excellent way to create a good impression via words.

Basics of APA format

Before starting with an essay in the APA format, you should keep these points in mind:

  • The text should be double spaced
  • Ensure to use one inch margin on all the sides
  • The paragraphs are indented in the body
  • Put the title in the middle of the page along with your name and school under it
  • Use 12 points font
  • All pages should have a number of them in the upper right corner
  • Use one space after the punctuation marks
  • Place a running head (short version of the title) in the upper left side

Components of the APA format

Keep the following points in mind when it comes to the components of the APA format!

· Title page

The title page should cover the complete first page post which you should mention the running head. You should also know that the title, your name and the name of the college should be mentioned on the upper side of the page.

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Mention the writer’s note like the supervisor’s name, course title and the department are there at the bottom of the page.

·  Header

Pick a ‘different first page’ option to make a running head. Align it to the left and then add the short version which should not exceed more than 50 characters of the paper in CAPS.

Make it a point to check that the numbers show up on the right side of the page.  The running head (shortened title) can appear on other pages too but always remember to align it to the right.

·  Page numbers

The page number should come up in the upper right corner with your surname right next to it.

·  Indentation

You should make sure that all the paragraphs and block quotes are indented half an inch from the left side.

·  Main body

This includes the actual paper on 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The font type that has to be used is Times New Roman and font size should be 12. Ensure that double spacing is used in the whole document and you have a page header too.

·  References

You should add the list of references towards the end of the essay. It is important for the readers as it provides them with vital information and lets them retrieve the sources that you have used in the in-text citations.

It is a rule that all the cited sources are involved in the reference list and all entries in the bibliographies must be mentioned.

·   Font

The majority of the APA is written by using the Times New Roman in font 12 or Georgia in size 11. You should know that the footnotes should be composed in size 10. Size 8-14 is used for the titles to tables and figures. However, you should stick to one font size throughout the manuscript.

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·  Margins

The requirement for the word document should be 1 inch all around. It is suggested to use at least 1 inch across the bottom, right, and top left of the page

·  Spacing

When you are writing in the APA format, you should make sure that you use the double space in the content throughout the document, including the quotes of 40 or more words.

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