8 Amazing Email Marketing Tips to Sell More Event Tickets

8 Amazing Email Marketing Tips to Sell More Event Tickets

In today’s world of Digital Marketing, there is a wide array of channels through which you can promote your events. Social media marketing, Video marketing, AI marketing, etc. are the most cutting-edge tech used for event promotion. Most event managers still think Email marketing is the most effective tool to promote events and sell more event tickets. Most of the renowned event ticketing systems like EventBookings have a built-in Email Marketing facility which is a very useful feature for organizers. Data storage, file sharing facility, global reach, fast communication, automation, etc. are some of the reasons why email marketing is still a good marketing medium. There are many Email Marketing hacks that you can use to sell event tickets. If you follow our 8 amazing Email Marketing tips, you can sell more event tickets.

Here are the 8 tips:

1.    Make your subject line stand out

Most of the time Email recipients decide to open an Email just by seeing the subject line. A right and catchy subject line will surely increase your Email open rate and click-through rate. So, as an event organizer ensure that your subject is to the point. Some ways you can improve your subject lines are

  1. Keep the subject line short and simple.
  2. Subject line should have an element that generates urgency and curiosity.
  3. Talk about the customer’s needs and the value you are providing.
  4. Give an offer.
  5. Surprise them with some new statistics.
  6. Make your event brand visible.

2. Write a personal message to your reader and include Email agenda

Personalization is not only limited to addressing your recipients with their first names. It is undoubtedly an effective idea to address recipients using their first name tag. Convey them the reasons why they should attend your events and how they will be benefitted. Let them know how their problems can be solved by attending your event. Highlight the values you are going to provide them instead of writing too many promotional lines. Remember recipients always focus on the value they are going to have or a solution to a current problem. If you can offer a solution to one of their problems, then they are going to take your Email seriously and are more likely to be converted. A clear description of your Email agenda related to your recipient’s needs and desires can increase the participation of the recipients in your event. Learn how to sell event tickets online.

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3. Give a clear instructions on where to buy tickets

If your customers can’t figure out how to buy tickets or if they’re stuck on a page with confusing instructions, they won’t buy. They’ll bounce. And that makes it very hard to close the sale. What’s more, customers who click away aren’t likely to come back. So give your customers clear instructions, and watch them happily navigate through your site. Your email campaign should have clear instructions about where to buy tickets. You can give a link to “View event” which will redirect people to a highly converting event page. They can take the purchase decision by viewing the whole event page.

4. Use bullet points to keep your reader interested

Bullet points make emails easy to read. They break up large blocks of text, giving a reader a chance to take a quick look at a few of the points without spending too much time reading each point individually. You can use bullets for a variety of reasons. They are great for long, detailed, and otherwise boring emails. They’re also great for highlighting the important points in an email that are related to your event headline. They make it easy to jump quickly to specific details.

5. Write your ending with a strong call to action (CTA)

Your email should always have a strong CTA at the end. Your CTA can be as simple as a word that says “Click here to buy now!” or it can be an image or a link. The main thing is that the CTA must be different than the subject line. For example, if you are an event organizer then you can write “Learn more about the event.”

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6. Use your Organization’s name and branding

Marketing emails are different from other kinds of marketing materials. Email marketers must use their brand name. This means that every word of an email should be relevant to your company. In fact, your logo should be the first thing a reader sees in your message. Your email should contain your event logo, links to your event page, and information about who you are and what you do. Proper branding of your organization in your Email will increase the authenticity of your Email which will give a boost to the Email CTR.

7. Select your customized recipient or Email contact list

Email campaigns are often sent to large lists of contacts. Sometimes, marketers need to segment these lists into smaller sub-lists. For example, a marketer might want to send different email campaigns to different recipients. Or, they may want to target different industries or groups of people. This way, you can reach out to people in a targeted manner and avoid flooding them with irrelevant content. Some Event ticketing companies have inbuilt Email Marketing campaign creation facilities that allow organizers to create a custom contact list or will suggest to your different prospective groups whom you can target for your Email campaign.

8. Add an attachment or a link to a video to increase your chance of getting clicked

When a user opens your email, if the first thing they see is an image, it has a higher probability of being opened. Add a video for a higher conversion rate. It should be short and concise. It should contain a call to action. You should use this tactic with images, infographics, presentations, etc.


Among all the digital marketing hacks, the single most effective way to sell more tickets is email marketing. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. But if you follow the above-mentioned 8 tips, it will definitely help you to sell more event tickets through Email Marketing.

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I am Rebekah Murray. I am working as a content strategist at EventBookings. I have 12+years of experience in the field of content writing. I am passionate about exploring and writing about events, technology, marketing, and education-related content.

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