What is a Dedicated Server?

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server or dedicated hosting service is a physical server used exclusively to host the application and services of only one client. VPS server hosting has the potential to transform your entire web hosting experience.  

It is an internet hosting service where you have exclusive hosting use of a full service. The server is completely dedicated to your website and not shared with other clients. A dedicated server exists in different forms. It can range from a dedicated printer service to a server used for communication across other servers. 

Dedicated servers are used mainly for clients with web applications, bigger sites and more traffic. High-traffic sites perform better on dedicated servers. They often struggle with the memory, bandwidth limitations, security and speed on shared servers. With dedicated servers, you have exclusive access and control of the server, its power and resources. Its hosting VPS options are flexible and suitable for a business that runs multiple services to improve its operations.

Why You Need A Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are one of the highest-performing hosting service options. Think of it like owning a house and living in it all by yourself. You don’t have roommates interfering in your space or telling you what to do. It guarantees cyber security, data privacy, maintenance round the clock, and faster speed and connections. There are no timeouts when you use dedicated servers. It gives you all the resources available to a single server. Plus, it is available to use 24/7. 

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Improved Performance 

On a shared server, the resources available to you are limited. The power, RAM, and processing unit are shared unevenly among other sites. If a website running on a server uses up a lot of memory or has plenty of bugs, it would affect your site’s performance. Dedicated hosting services allow for better website performance. Here, you have full control of the server, and you can choose the operating system.

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Data Privacy and Protection 

A dedicated server guarantees the confidentiality of information. It allows you to secure your website and any saved user information. It protects information like credit card details, transactions, passwords, emails and customer personal information. It gives you control of your website’s security settings. You can tailor the features you need to your website and data requirements. It allows you to fortify your website and applications against cyber attacks, data thieves, spammers and malware.

Control of Settings and Operations 

Dedicated servers give you full power and discretion over your system and applications. You get to choose the hardware and operating systems you desire. You can also set up the server, ports, security features, language and resources. Other internet hosting services give you partial to zero control over the main server. 

Dedicated hosting services allow you to monitor the activity of servers and systems. You can see the server load, network activity, storage and memory usage. This ability to inspect your server allows you to spot issues and troubleshoot. This feature may not be available on a shared hosting network. 

Speed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The speed of your website is essential to user experience and your site’s ranking. Dedicated servers increase your page load speed, making your site appealing and accessible for visitors. 

If they are multiple users on the same server, the speed will be poor, and their systems will be lagging. The speed of your site will affect your conversion, purchases, revenue and customer satisfaction. Users on the web will exit your site if it takes too long to load. Poor speed levels will also reduce your site’s traffic. However, when your website is faster, your page will rank well on Google and other search engines. 

All servers have a unique IP address. On shared servers, all users have the same IP address. So if one of the users’ runs a shady or spam site, your site will be affected by the penalty they receive. But if you use a dedicated site, you will have your IP address. Then you can optimize your site with SEO best practices to rank high. 

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Testing and Developing Web Applications 

A dedicated server is the best environment to test and develop new web applications or websites. You can test your website with HTTP before hosting it publicly. It is possible because you have full control of the server. While building and testing your web applications, you can install different database systems. If you were to build an application on a shared server, a bug could damage the server. But when they’re bugs in your build on a dedicated server, you can reboot the server, and you’re good to go. 

Customer Support 

 ​Dedicated servers offer technical support and expert advice, and assistance at all times. It helps you improve your website performance and work through challenges with servers. You can always get a consultation to ensure you’re optimizing all the features and benefits of the dedicated server. 

Limitations of Dedicated Servers

There are a few reasons why people may shy away from getting dedicated hosting services. The disadvantages of dedicated hosting services are as follows. 

More Expensive 

Dedicated hosting services are more expensive than others. If your website doesn’t get as much traffic or revenue, then a  dedicated server is not the right option for you. However, you can go for less expensive packages to suit the specific needs of your website. 

Requires Technical Knowledge 

You cannot set up, install, use, or manage an unmanaged dedicated server without technical knowledge. With shared hosting, the hosting provider takes care of all technicalities. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can get fully managed dedicated services, but it is more expensive. 

Choosing The Best Performing Hosting Service 

Now that you have read and analyzed the benefits and limitations of dedicated servers, you can make the best choice for your home or business. For people who have the resources, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. However, you need to consider your needs and how dedicated servers can improve them before you decide. 

Dedicated servers though expensive, can make your web experience seamless for you and your clients or customers. It improves your website and application speed, offers data protection, wards off cyber attacks and improves performance. It allows you set up your server in a way that best suits you.  



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