An Efficient Guide to Becoming a Carrom Pro

An Efficient Guide to Becoming a Carrom Pro

Carrom is an online board game played the most over any online platform. The game initially originated in India, as per Wikipedia. In the olden days, carrom was the most popular tabletop game that united friends and family. With time the game has gained popularity on a global level over the past few years because of the increase in internet users, which allowed online gaming platforms to introduce board games so that players from any corner of the world could connect on a platform where they can play games and win exciting prizes.

Carrom can do wonders by boosting the creativity of thinking oneself as it requires the player to be quick and sharp with their shots. The game’s competitive nature steals a person’s total sense of focus by inducing a sense of strategy while playing the game. The online platform of the game has made it possible for both professional and amateur players to improve their skills accordingly. With the help of artificial intelligence, there is no chance of an unfair game for a player. For example, if a newbie wants to play a game of carrom online, he would connect with a player who is also new to this game and not a professional player who would trounce him. Thanks to the online platform, with the help of it, players find it easy and exciting to connect with others from all over the world and play.

The board game introduced over the online platform has made it possible for players who wish to play a carrom online cash game and get more skilled in the game by initially learning how to download and know the game’s rules to compete in the different contests to win exciting prizes. Furthermore, let’s indulge in this article and get in-depth knowledge of the efficient guide to becoming a carrom pro.

  • The Initial Setting Up of the Board
  1. Carrom is quite similar to billiards. The only alternative used here is small playing pieces requiring a striker to throw them into the respective pocket. Before playing, a person should know the essential marking and rules of the game. Therefore, the carrom board should be placed around 60-70 centimeters higher from the ground position.
  2. The carrom board has 4 pockets at four square ends for the pieces to pot inside them. The center circle of the board is where the game initially starts as the pieces get arranged in the circle.
  3. There are parallel rectangles on all four sides of the board, indicating that a person should place the striker between those parallel lines to aim further.
  • Importance of Carrom Pieces
  1. The carrom pieces, popularly referred to as carrom men, are a total of 19 pieces consisting of 9 white pieces, nine black pieces, and a red piece. These carrom men require a striker to make a hit. Therefore, playing in pairs or singles requires a minimum of one striker. Also, having more than one striker is recommended to save time.
  2. The red piece is popularly known as the queen, which can be pocketed anytime after the first piece of either black or white carrom men gets inside the pocket.
  • Start of the Game
  1. The board game is often played by two or four players(pairs of 2) standing on the opposite side of each other. The opponents should always stand on the opposite side for the game to commence.
  2. Two widely used grips hold the striker: a straight grip and a scissors shot. The straight grip is used widely by players where the palm is faced downwards to the board with the index finger over the striker to get a tighter grip before the release of the shot. Whereas the scissors grip is less commonly used, most players find it a more comfortable grip where the hand is placed sideways to the board, and both pinky and the ring fingers are pressed on the board.
  3. A coin is flipped to determine the initial shot on the board, but there is no such rule. Any of the teams could start the game at their convenience.
  4. An individual can only take a single shot at a time if he fails to pocket carrom. The next chance should be taken by the opponent sitting next to them.
  5. The color division of carrom men is decided after the first pocket of either the white or the black piece. The person to pot in either of the two has to hit the same color throughout the game.
  • Completion of the Game
  1. The game continues until either team successfully pocketed all the carrom men of the decided color. Finally, the first team or an individual to hit 29 points wins the game.
  2. If all the carrom pieces are pocketed, leaving the queen behind, then the game cannot end. Therefore, the queen must be pocketed along with a cover before all the carrom pieces end.
  3. To determine the score, one should count the number of carrom pieces remaining on the board after the game ends. For example, if the opponent has five pieces left on the board, a player would be awarded 5 points.
  4. Therefore, an individual or a team wins the game if they successfully score 29 points first.
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One can play carrom both online and offline mode, but the efficient way to learn new tips and tricks about the game one should keep practicing and trying new methods of the board game to grow in the same field gradually. The benefit of playing carrom is that it excels the health perks of a person by boosting several cognitive skills and accelerates the rate of concentration in a person.

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