Ancient Vs. Modern Lighting

Light is a basic need. We need light to function and perform our day-to-day activities. The only time we do not require lights is when we get down for the day. We have seen significant change when it comes to various sources of light from the past to now the 21st century. Some of the ancient forms of lighting we have only read about and watched in films. We are going to have a look at the evolution of lighting and how we have benefited from the new inventions that we are enjoying today.

Ancient Lighting

In the old stone age, human beings and animals relied mostly on light from natural sources like the sun during the day and the moon and stars at night. They had to carry out all their activities like hunting and gathering before the sunset. With time, they started to discover other forms of light, which included;

  • Fire: We all have heard the fascinating story of how early humans started fire. That they rubbed two sticks together and created fire, there is no telling for sure how this happened, but fire immediately provided them with light and warmth, especially at night. Fire also helped to keep wild animals away from attacking them.
  • Torches: The first torch is not what you have in mind. This torch was made out of non-flammable material, mostly rock, and then it was filled with flammable material such as grass and dried leaves and lit to produce fire. This then became a hand-held torch that provided light and was used in homesteads and for hunting at night.
  • Candles: Ancient candles were mostly made of beeswax or animal fat that was stuffed in glass jars. A wick was put on the candle to light it. This was one of the most advanced methods of lighting at that time.
  • Oil lamps: In biblical times, olive oil was mostly used for oil lamps. The lamps were made out of clay. Several threads were then twisted together to form a wick for the oil lamp. The most common oil lamps were first used in Rome.
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Mid- Century Lighting

This was when technology started to take effect. The lighting discoveries that were made at this time have been used up to modern times and are mostly used as antique forms of lighting for antique lovers. Engineers like Michael Murdoch discovered the first form of gaslighting in the mid-century. The first gas lamps were developed in England in the year 1970. Different kinds of gas were used for gaslighting, including hydrogen and methane. Gas lamps were the first to be used for street lighting in the United States.

Modern Day Lighting

The most common form of lighting in the modern day is the electric bulb. This source of light is used both at home and at the workplace. The first trace of electric light was discovered in 1835, and voila, a few decades later, the first electric bulb was created. Electricity has changed the dynamics of life, both social and economic.

However, electricity requires us to take various safety precautions to avoid electrical accidents such as electric shocks. When connecting electric cables, it is important to make sure you use quality cable connectors and harnesses.There are different types of electric bulbs used in the modern-day.

  • Incandescent light bulbs: These are very simple devices. Electricity flow basically heats up a filament in the bulb until it glows to produce light. The filaments are usually made up of argon gas such as nitrogen. Incandescent bulls come in a wide range of sizes and voltages.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs: This type of bulb does not have a filament. A fluorescent bulb is a glass tube that is made up of phosphorous and inert gas, and mercury. The flow of electric current makes the mercury produce UV light which is then absorbed by the phosphorus to produce light. Fluorescent bulbs are mostly used as table lamps.
  • LED light bulbs: LEDs are the way to go in the modern-day. They are efficient,  energy-saving, and very long-lasting. They don’t need filaments or mercury to produce light. LEDs are controlled by a remote control, and you can dim them when too bright and vice versa. They come in different designs, and the ledstrip 5050 is one of the latest LED light types. Other than basic lighting. LEDs are also commonly used for decorative lighting purposes.
  • Halogen bulbs: This was the first energy-saving bulb to be created. It is mostly filled with halogen gas and lasts longer than the incandescent bulb. They are known for producing very bright white light and are mostly used for car headlights, street lights, and projectors.
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Ancient or modern, all the above-mentioned sources of lighting served and are serving a purpose for human beings. Light enables us to socialize and work. In the past, theatres used natural light to shoot films and still managed to produce very magnificent shows. These types of events have been made even better by the use of modern lighting techniques. Modern lighting has also enabled us to stay late into the night working or engaging in social activities. As technology continues to evolve, we cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the near future.

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