Apple’s FaceTime will be Accessible in Android and PC — Confirmed

Apple’s FaceTime will be Accessible in Android and PC — Confirmed

Over the years, FaceTime has become one of the highest-rated video calling applications for its easy accessibility. With this iOS application, many individuals have stayed connected with their family and friends during the pandemic. Moreover, starting from an entrepreneur to a student to a lecturer, everyone can use FaceTime.

Do you know the best part about this video calling app? It can be connected with voice assistants like Siri while answering calls. Even FaceTime users can check the app-related notifications from Alexa or Amazon Echo.

After the iOS 14 update, Apple added a few additional features in FaceTime to improve the user’s experience. And, after the iOS 15 release, the iOS users can expect to have new features in this useful application. During the WWDC event, Apple talked about the cross-platform availability of FaceTime. This implies that, along with the iOS users, both Android and PC owners can now access this video calling app. But, you might not find FaceTime either on the Google PlayStore or in the Windows Store.

An iOS user will generate the video calling link and send that to the Android and PC users. And, once you tap on that link, you can connect with the other members who are on FaceTime. This sort of feature has brought ease and convenience to this remote working environment.

But, make sure to have a stable internet connection, or else you might get disrupted while attending the video conferences. Do you want to know what other features Apple is planning to include in FaceTime? Here, we have compiled the list of exclusive FaceTime’s features that can benefit iOS users:

How can iOS users can Create Links on FaceTime?

Before checking the other features, you should first know the steps to generate FaceTime links.

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After accessing this iOS application, look for the “Create Link” option, and then go to the “New FaceTime” section. Right after that, you will be prompted with a Share option, tap on that to share links instantly.

Usually, iOS users can send this link via any messaging platform. You can even attach the FaceTime link in the email of the recipient. But, make sure to update the device’s software to use this link generating option. Though it’s relatively easy to create links, contact a web development service expert if you face any difficulties.

Explore the Exclusive Features of FaceTime!

On June 11, 2021, Apple announced that everyone might not be able to use the new FaceTime features. If you use Windows 10, Android 11 and iOS 15, you can only find the latest features in FaceTime. Moreover, you can now schedule a video calling time and let the Android and PC users know about that.

And for that, the iOS users need to send an invitation link to the non-apple users. That’s not all! You can do a lot more using the updated version of FaceTime. Do you want to know what else this iOS application is offering to its users? Then, consider checking the following FaceTime’s features:

1. Opt for an Instant Screen Share with SharePlay

After switching to iOS 15, the iOS users can add more than 32 people to the office’ video conferences. Additionally, you can now share the device’s screen with another iOS user with SharePlay. Even FaceTime users can see their friend’s reactions while watching the same online series/shows.

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Apart from online content, you can also share applications, other participant’s numbers and even websites. And, the SharePlay feature might provide an inevitable contribution to the website developers.

2. Reduce the Unwanted Sound with Spatial Audio

Apple has revealed the functions of the Spatial Audio feature during the WWDC event, 2021. And, based on their statement, this audio option will improve the audio clarity of the FaceTime users. With this feature, the other participants will hear what you are trying to state.

But, don’t keep the iOS or Android device too far; that might create sound problems. Additionally, Apple has made some significant changes in the microphone settings for enhancing the audio quality.

3.   Adjust the Tiles with Grid View

Earlier in iOS 14 or IOS 13, the users could not keep all the participants in the same-size tiles during a video call. And, this made it difficult to fit more than 10 participants in a FaceTime call. After addressing this problem, Apple came up with a solution and added a Grid View option.

With this FaceTime feature, the users can keep everyone in the same-sized tiles without any hassle. You can even focus on the people who are sharing their statements during the video call.

What are the Other Features Apple Might Add in FaceTime?

After updating the FaceTime app, you will get a portrait mode option. With this feature, iOS and Android users can blur the background. Additionally, you will get Wide Spectrum, which’s another audio option that focuses on the background noises. Apple also included a mute latest feature, which will let the users know when the mute button is turned on. You will also get a Zoom option to focus on your face while video calling someone. So, consider installing iOS 15 and use these FaceTime features with ease.

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