Best Way To Select The Gamecube Component Cables

Best Way To Select The Gamecube Component Cables

Every generation misses the old days of waking up in the weekend morning and playing their favourite games on the SNES for long hours. Unfortunately, those days are gone, but people are getting back to the old games in the modern age. However, the only problem we are still experiencing is connecting old consoles with the contemporary flatscreen TVs. Connecting retro consoles to stylish TVs is not easy, but modern technologies are trying their best to make us enjoy the fun experience. Component cable for Nintendo GameCube is one of these technologies that has made the connection between GameCube and TV easy and enjoyable.

What is Component Cable?

The component video cable provides component video signals from GameCube to your modern TV. The component video signals can display a more precise picture than composite cable or stereo AV cable. There are two ways to check the compatibility of component video cable with the Nintendo GameCube console. First, look on the back of your console, right next to the port labelled as analogue AV out; you will see GameCube digital AV out cable labelling on the second port. If you find out this, it means your GameCube console is compatible with the component video cable. However, if you don’t see the digital AV out, your GameCube console is incompatible with a component video cable.

The second way to check if your GameCube console is compatible with the component video cable, look at the bottom of the giant sticker. At the top left corner, you will see a serial number DOL-001. If you find out this serial number, it means your GameCube is compatible. However, your GameCube is not compatible with the component video cable if the serial number reads DOL-101.

Is the GameCube component cable worth buying?

Finding the suitable component video cable is now as hard as finding birds’ teeth. Therefore, when you do find it, you will find it extremely expensive and hard to afford. Moreover, only the GameCube consoles that were manufactured before 2004 can use the GameCube component video cable. So, if you have early models of GameCube, and you can afford the high price of the line, then it is worth purchasing the cable. Compared to the standard composite video cable, which only shows the games in 480 interlaced modes, the component video cable shows the graphics more precisely, sharp, and high-definition.

If you have Nintendo Wii compatible with GameCube games, you will get another choice as the component video cables for the Nintendo Wii are common and inexpensive. GameCube component video cables for Nintendo Wii allow you to play GameCube games in the best graphics at a lower and affordable price. If you are a game lover who is also on a tight budget, it would be the best choice to buy a Nintendo Wii for your GameCube. However, if you have enough money and a compatible TV with component inputs, the GameCube component video cable is worth investing in.

What will you need to get a component video signal?

To get the component video signals and enjoy the best quality picture on your modern TV, you will need to have a Nintendo GameCube gaming system that supports the component video signal. Your GameCube console must have a serial number DOL-001 on the back of it. If you find out the serial number on your console, you can get a set of Nintendo GameCube component video cables. Before purchasing the GameCube component cables, you need to check your television for the inputs, i.e., red, green and blue. The component video cable is also capable of transmitting a progressive scan signal to your HD TV.

With these signals, the television becomes able to display rich, clear, and sharp images. However, the GameCube games being played must be programmed according to progressive scan to get the best progressive scan signals. Moreover, your HD TV also has to have the ability to display the signs in advanced scan mode because when your television has three component inputs, it does not mean that your TV can show signals in progressive scan. Let’s look at the things you need to do for a progressive scan signal.

  • A Nintendo GameCube system supports the DOL-001 feature.
  • Set of Nintendo GameCube component video cables.
  • A modern TV that supports progressive scan signals.
  • Television has to have component inputs.
  • To find if your TV can support the progressive scan, you must consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer.
  • You will need to have a Nintendo GameCube game disc that supports progressive scan. The games that support the advanced scan feature have the icon on the back that reads progressive scan compatible.
  • You will need to manually activate the progressive scan for the Nintendo games you are trying to play.

It would help if you kept in mind that the component video cables are designed to transmit a video signal only. The stereo AV cables included with the GameCube system are needed to send the game audio. Unfortunately, the component video cables are not available for purchase through the online store of Nintendo. If you are looking for the best way to find the component cables for your gaming console, you need to check Kaico labs.

Why should you buy the component cables from Kaico Labs?

As we all know, finding the suitable video component cable for the Nintendo GameCube system is not easy, making it difficult for retro game lovers to connect their retro gaming consoles to their modern TVs. Component cables are rare and highly expensive, but Kaico labs do this with a commitment to bring the best quality at an affordable price. Kaico labs have been a UK based company since 2017. Since their formation, the Kaico Labs have focused on producing and designing all kinds of cables and other peripherals needed for connecting the retro consoles to the modern HD TVs to the best.

The Kaito labs company has grown from strength to strength by investing more money and effort into the business and bringing more products to the market. The hard work is still going on, and they are continuously increasing their range of products. Logistically, Kaico labs sell the products that are good and available in stock. Their high-quality products are shipped worldwide, throughout Europe, Asia, and the middle east. Moreover, besides their online website, they also have a presence on Amazon Europe and Amazon USA. Their enrollment in Amazon FBA services has made customers from all over the world able to take delivery of Kaico products within a day.

Provision of excellent customer services is their motto, which also includes after-sales support and troubleshooting. They are providing full-time support to their customers experiencing problems with their devices. Moreover, you can get up to 12 months warranty on all the purchased products. From component cables for the GameCube system to the GameCube HDMI display adapter, you will easily find anything on their website.

How to connect the video component cable to GameCube?

Before connecting the component video cables with your TV, you need to understand that the component video cables will not connect to the standard TV. Your TV must have the component video inputs to provide you with component video signals and a rich and clear picture. Here are the steps you can use to connect your Nintendo GameCube system to your modern TV with component inputs. You will get a rich, sharp, and clear picture and the best gaming experience by following these steps.

  1. First of all, look at your TV and a Nintendo GameCube to find the input jacks and ports on them.
  2. Connect the jacks of the component video cable to the component video inputs by following the given steps:


  • Insert the blue plug in the blue port, which is labelled as Pb or Cb, on the back of your TV.
  • Insert the green jack in the green port that reads Y on the back of your TV.
  • Insert the red plug in the red port labelled Pr or Cr on the back of your TV.
  1. Now connect the stereo Av cable to the audio inputs to get the best quality audio. As mentioned earlier, the component video cable only transmits video signals. Therefore, you need to connect the stereo AV cable to get a high-quality audio experience. To join the stereo AV cable, follow the given steps:
  • Insert the red jack into audio IN Right.
  • Insert the white jack into audio IN Left.
  • Do not plug the yellow jack into the port and let it hang.
  1. Now it’s time to connect the rectangular plug of the component video cable into the digital AV out port. The pin is black, and you have to connect it to the back of the control deck.
  2. Now click the rectangular plug of the stereo AV cable into the analogue AV out port, which is also on the back of the control deck. The plug of the stereo AV cable is grey.
  3. Before making all these connections, you need to ensure that your system lies on a hard and flat surface.
  4. Allow enough space for the ventilation to avoid any mishap with your system.
  5. Before making connections, make sure the power button is not pressed in and correct position.
  6. Now it’s time to plug the AC adapter into the back of the system into the DC 12V port.
  7. Plug the other end of the AC adapter on the wall outlet.
  8. Hook up the controllers on the front of the Nintendo GameCube system.
  9. Now insert the disc by opening the disc cover. Insert the disc by keeping the printed side up. Press down gently on the game disc and lock it on the centre hub.
  10. After completing all the basic steps, press the power button on your Nintendo GameCube and check the power light coming on.
  11. To find the correct input on your TV, turn on the TV and set it to the input select. You will see the logo of the Nintendo GameCube appear on the game’s main menu. If you cannot view the game even after following all the directions correctly, use troubleshooting.

Display the Nintendo GameCube games in a progressive scan mode.

Progressive scan mode enables you to experience a more precise, sharper, and HD experience. To display your Nintendo games in an advanced scan mode, the game you are playing must be programmed for progressive scan. Moreover, your Tv must have the ability to display the video signals in progressive scan mode. Follow the steps to play the games in advanced scan mode.

  1. Turn the Nintendo GameCube system off before starting.
  2. With the off system, hold down the B button on the controller and power on your system.
  3. You will see the message on the screen saying, ‘would you like to display in progressive scan mode? Yes/No’.
  4. Highlight the “yes” and press the A button on the controller.
  5. If you see the image appearing scrambled after setting the game to progressive scan mode, it indicates that your television is not compatible with progressive scan. You can consult your TV manual or contact the manufacturer to find out the compatibility of your TV for displaying the signals in advanced scan mode. If you find out that your television is compatible, try troubleshooting.


Playing retro games in modern times is the best feeling only true game lovers can feel. Modern technologies, such as the products of Kaico labs, have made it easier for many gamers to play their favourite Nintendo GameCube games on current TV. You can buy the best quality affordable component video cables from the Kaico labs website and enjoy the best gaming experience on your modern TV. However, make sure your Tv is compatible with displaying component signals because old TVs were designed for composite cables.


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