Are Online Reviews Trustworthy?

Are Online Reviews Trustworthy?

If you’re wondering whether online reviews are trustable or not, the answer is yes, it’s reliable. According to a study, online reviews significantly impact customers’ purchasing behavior. The review method is often reliable, and more than 90% of buyers check online reviews to make a purchase decision.

Almost 49% of customers make a purchase based on positive and negative reviews. Most giant online selling marketplace and even local businesses’ sales and growth entirely relied on reviews.

So you can imagine the importance of online review and its trustworthiness. Moreover, we have outlined this context with several trustworthy facts of online reviews; continue reading.

What Are Online Reviews Stand For?

What is an online review? It is defined as a kind of word of mouth, which is written and submitted by customers on the Internet. Online reviews enable you to get product opinions and personal experiences from different individuals.

Nowadays, most online businesses set up a review section, which allows customers to rate and review their purchased products. Therefore, any customer can easily get a clear idea before buying any particular product.

In general, there are two types of online review systems, such as favorable reviews and negative reviews. Both positive and negative review systems significantly impact increasing and reducing sales

Are Online Reviews Trustworthy?

First, the answer to whether online reviews are credible is yes; online reviews are believable. Online reviews can be given through stars, including one to five stars and writing a brief story.

When customers receive reliable and quality service, they often leave positive reviews. Moreover, there are many businesses that go for several online review services. Trustpilot is one of them, and they offer quality paid plans that help to gain business acumen.

Any company or service provider can buy trustpilot reviews to increase customer engagement and boost selling or service. Furthermore, this online review service allows posting reviews as long as reviewers follow their guidelines.

Benefits of Online Reviews

If you think online reviews offer benefits only for buyers, actually it is not. Online reviews offer benefits for both sellers and buyers. Here we have included some of the core benefits of online reviews.

–        Free Advertising

You may be wondering how online reviews work as a free advertising service. Well, yes, it is a form of free advertising. When any buyer posts any review about your product, then your product will be exposed to readers. More readers mean more engagement and more sales.

–        Increasing Sales

Online reviews can do both; either it will raise your business or even make it down. Especially, the ratings will let the customer think twice about any product. Having a 5 star rating means having a high chance to increase sales.

–        Better Understanding With Consumers

Customer reviews will let you understand your customer and their needs. Through that, you can easily find constructive criticism and also good suggestions from your buyers. And as a customer, you can check products’ good and bad sides.

–        Make Business Trustworthy

Want to make your business more trustworthy? Well, then the online review can be the most reliable method. Quality reviews will significantly build trust in buyers’ minds about the product. On the other hand, a bad review will improve your service.

–        Improving Your Rankings

Online reviews will do free SEO for you because reviews can influence the search engine. Google search engine will review how many times your business name or product name has been mentioned. So it will be like a free way to improve your business rankings.

Reasons You Should Trust Online Reviews

Reviews are something that will always help buyers to purchase their desired product with the best quality. A review allows gaining knowledge about the service, product, and businesses. As now all businesses offer reviews sections, you always need to inspect the section to buy the best product.

Online reviews will help you get reliable guides from users who have used the product or subscribed to the service. Moreover, reviewers make things easy for shoppers to decide on the purchase.

Things To Consider While It’s About the Relevance of Online Reviews


There are plenty of facts you need to consider while it’s about the relevance of positive or negative reviews. Here we have included reliable facts about online reviews, which will help you understand the review’s relevance.

1.  Investigate the Reviewer

By inspecting the reviewer, you can easily find out it is a fake or real review. Most of the websites allow access to the reviewer profile. Check out the reviewer’s previous product reviews, and it will give you a complete idea about the reviewer.

Also, watch out for the reviewer’s name and photos because most of them use generic names and photos. However, some sites like Amazon allow leave reviews with verified purchasers and buyers’ databases.

2.  Check Feedback Not Only Online Ratings

When it’s about considering the relevance of online reviews, try to check out the feedback or comment and the rating. You also need to check the grammar and spelling mistakes too. By checking the comments, you can easily identify fake and authentic online reviews.

The comments will be very long or short, completely positive, and comments with no useful information. Therefore, have to closely look at the feedback, which will help find the authentic review.

3. Check Other Reviews

Instead of checking ratings and feedback, you can also inspect other comments too. Don’t jump to buy a product or take service after checking only a few reviews. If all the reviews only praise products, they are likely a fake review. Moreover, when you are about to purchase any major pricey product, take your time and read as many comments as possible.

4. Pay Attention to Language Perspective

Try to give close attention to the language perspective, and most fake reviewers use many “I” and “me.” It is psychology logical because when people lie, they try to make themselves credible by using personal pronouns. Moreover, when you see several reviews in a short period of time, they also tend to be fake reviews.

Final Thought

Now you know if online reviews are reliable and trustworthy or not. We have tried to include all the necessary information related to online reviews and trustworthy facts. We discussed why you should trust online reviews and what you should consider while it’s about the relevance of positive and negative reviews.

More than 31% of customers review online reviews before purchasing grocery items, and 70% check reviews while buying technology products. Moreover, 60% of online users check restaurant reviews before booking or purchasing dishes. We hope all the mentioned information is enough to clarify your thoughts, and thanks for sticking to the end.


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