Are We in a Bull Market Yet? 

Are We in a Bull Market Yet? 

As per the status indicated by the Fear and Greed index, they declare the crypto market in an Extreme Fear situation. In 2022, it was the first time when Bitcoin sentiments turned neutral for the first time. Because Bitcoin shoved back to 22 day moving average which inaugurated above $50,000, which is a nonperformer index of BTC. we can see the network activity which has continued as the action of 223 million cryptocurrency users base and raised by 32 percent. If you are into Bitcoin investment, here is why you can’t Stake Bitcoin.

Offbeat contentions on the future of the cryptocurrency 

Due to offbeat assertions, the crypto market has widely impacted its crypto space. As it brings motivational thought among retailers and manufacturers, the value of Bitcoin falls due to the heavy pushback of China against cryptocurrency. But still, this news has not impacted the price value of Bitcoin directly. Moreover, these Amazon-surrounded assumptions give a new start, and more investors are engaged with this business. It marked the Bitcoin to reach at least the $40,000 mark with some other indicators forecasting the probability of one more price rally if they carry or hold. 

Points to Bullishness, the use of day-moving average 

Why the sentiment of the market turned neutral, can be outlined with the potential of market indicators. One such example is the Fear and Greed index which highlights that the market has shifted to greed as can be proved by 12 weeks’ previous sentiments which were dipping into extreme fear. Although some technical giants with their positive opinion were able to adjust the focus towards blockchain. Moreover, as the Bitcoin options are on the level of extinction, is another reason for the volatility of the cryptocurrency? The person’s name Luuk Strijers pointed out the statement that before and after expiry, there is always a supplementary activity that hardly impacts the price value of Bitcoin. Moreover, as the altcoin Psycho underscores, whenever the price value of Bitcoin points toward the upper circuit, even if all the options were to fade away, traders would find a sign of strength and collaboration. Moreover Rekt Capital, a cryptocurrency analyst, and trader give its pressure on the statement that Bitcoin could be bullish based on the 21-week EMA, which is a middle level between the bulls and bears. He affirms that the bullish entry is above the 23-week EMA line, which sits around the $50,000 mark.

On The flipside 

Due to the high increase in the population of the U.S., the speed and occupancy of Bitcoin have been allocating their funds to some measure activities. Although whales started predicting the cryptocurrency. Whales have continued to accumulate, despite the change in sentiment, which indicates that Bitcoin is not yet ready. Although it is a very difficult task to predict the upcoming cryptocurrency trend. It is like finding a needle in a haystack because the crypto market easily got affected due to negative news instead of positive outlooks. 

Balancing out the Bulls 

The resistance level of Bitcoin has been tested till $45,000 even if it faces a high dip, bitcoin does not leave its momentum and can hold it. Instead of this achievement, others were testing the market at its height and were eager to grasp the momentum of the market. The data regarding the lows of Bitcoin in 2018 always never released the data although the anode has already been confirmed through its exchange platforms. As per the outflow of Crypto Potato which is famous to reflect bullish indicators, as in the hurdle to prepare for new upward momentum, funds have been moving from the high capital addition to all the above, the direct price activities manage to characterize a coalition period in which investors capitalize on the low price of BTC. However, retail interest will rise if Bitcoin propels above the 100-day rolling average. 


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