ASDA Clone App Deliver Better Online Grocery Shopping Experience

ASDA Clone App Deliver Better Online Grocery Shopping Experience

ASDA App is one of the best grocery shopping and delivery app operating in the business successfully in the UK. The boom of online grocery shopping was expected. However, the Pandemic gave the desired push making it one of the most profitable profit-making industries. This was already a growing trend that has become more prominent. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs who didn’t believe in the concept are now ready to invest in on-demand grocery delivery app like ASDA.

What Is The Best Part About Building ASDA Clone App?

This on-demand grocery clone app offers a wide range of grocery products of different categories. This includes nutritional snacks, dairy items, vegan products, etc.

This readymade grocery app solution comes integrated with the following features that make it unique. Thus, incorporating these features in your Grocery App Clone can offer you a competitive edge.

  • On-Demand Groceries On the Go

It allows the users to shop groceries online and get delivered directly in as little as 2 hours, offering same-day deliveries. Thus, grocery shopping is made easy. Moreover, offering first grocery delivery is free can be an attractive element that lures customers to download the app.

Online grocery shopping from the app like ASDA offers contactless as well as curb side pickup at your local store. Thus, grocery orders will be waiting ready for pickup from the customers.

  • Shopping custom made recipes

Your users might be following a specific diet, or they are vegan or wish to try plant based diet. This feature enables them to shop for the recipes they choose to make. Therefore, the custom-made recipes enable your users to shop for specific groceries thus enabling them to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • Special offers

We all love discounts. The best way to attract more customers to download ASDA Clone App is by offering them discount deals and special offers regularly. Have they notified about upcoming offers, new deals on their favourite grocery brands so that they can shop more using your app?

The best part is instead of driving to a grocery store to avail discounts, now this can be achieved with few taps on the phone. Thus, enabling your users to take advantage of the best online deals.

  • Create a personalized shopping list
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One of the brownie points of doing groceries from the ASDA Clone App is the users can sort out grocery items based on allergy-free food items to nutritional products. Thus, the feature allows the users to sort out the groceries, based on their requirements.

ASDA Clone App New Features that Makes the On Demand App Unique

  • Store/Restaurant Items Bulk Import through CSV

Say bye-bye to the manual entries. The feature enables the grocery store owners to import the entire list through CSV. Thus no errors, no duplicate entries, and the fresh items, modification and much more can be done in a jiffy.

  • Delivery Charges as per Distance in Store Deliveries

The Admin has the flexibility to set the grocery delivery charges as per distance. Thus, enabling to generate more revenues.

  • Set different Commission Rates for each Store

The admin can set different commission rates for every store based on their demand. Thus earning more profits on every order dispatched.

  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots

For many grocery stores, there are different time slots. Thus the feature enables to set the timings accordingly and carry out business operations in a hassle-free manner.

  • Select Weekdays and Weekend for Stores as per your region’s culture

Some countries have different weekend rules or some do not have them at all. The features enable to set the store availability accordingly to carry out seamless operations.

  • Item Name Searching

It is an auto-complete feature that allows the user to quickly search the grocery products by prompting few words in the search bar.

  • 18+ Age Confirmation

To buy liquor or similar items, the user has to present the 18+ age confirmation proof while making the final purchase. Also, this has to show to the delivery driver when the delivery is made.

  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers

It allows the user to put the voice note for the delivery drivers. The voice note will carry specific instructions on carrying out deliveries.

  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver

The delivery driver has a right to cancel the order even if the order is confirmed. The order thus will automatically shift to the next delivery driver.

  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification
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This feature shows the status of Grocery Delivery to the customers and rider both notifying via graphical icons.

Covid19 Safety measures

This includes face mask verification, safety checklist, safety badge, regular temperature-taking of delivery drivers, sanitizing the inventories regularly, etc.

ASDA Clone App Must-have Features

Online grocery shopping has come a long way now delivering personalized experience. The trend is here to stay and the competition is becoming stiff. Retailers who want to enter the on-demand market can win by overbuilding ASDA Clone App with the following must-have features.

  • Explore a wide range of grocery products

The array of products from different stores to incorporate into the ASDA Grocery ordering system. This enables more downloads.

  • Multiple payments

ASDA Clone App solution when incorporating multiple payment choices, including net banking, credit cards, and debit cards cash on delivery will bring in more customers.

  • Tracking & Alerts

The grocery delivery app sends quick notifications and real-time tracking of every order for transparency.

  • Reviews & Ratings

Improve your on-demand grocery delivery business by enabling users to add ratings and reviews based on the service provided.

Hiring an On Demand App Development Company

It is the right time to develop Grocery App Clone. Collaborating with an on-demand grocery app development company can help you build ASDA Clone App in as quick as 5 days.

ASDA Clone App is a readymade app solution available for iOS & Android. Hence, with a top-notch app development team, you will be able to offer your customers a more convenient and enhanced grocery shopping and delivery experience.

The advantages of hiring a professional level on-demand app development company in India will provide you with:

  • Relentless Communication
  • Source Code Authorization
  • No Hidden Cost
  • 24*7 Technical Assistance for a year
  • Bug support                                                                                                           and upgradation for 365 days

To build a multi-vendor grocery delivery app like ASDA, approach a reliable app development company. Discuss your app requirement and know who to develop ASDA Clone App, what will the processing time build on-demand grocery delivery app, the development cost for Grocery Delivery Software solution, and completion time. Therefore, make sure to take the live demo on both platforms before buying white-label technically superior grocery app solutions.

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