Avaya Aura: Global Leader In Business Communications Systems!

Avaya Aura: Global Leader In Business Communications Systems!

Avaya Aura is a secure and reliable IP platform, which shows its great excellence in improving the overall business performance and enhancing customer satisfaction. This extensible and open platform allows all sizes of businesses to obtain a unified communication solution for operating your company smoothly. Its rich voice and video abilities run through a flexible, shared network of gateways and analogue, digital and Avaya IP office devices.

Business people require high-tech tools to relish the customers and retain clients. So, they can keep communications flexible and deliver effective business results. To reach this customer-centric engagement, Avaya has introduced the Avaya Aura Platform. Avaya Aura is a package of seamless components that deliver broad unified communications and customer experience solutions together. Hence, business people see a meaningful impact on business productivity. This platform enables representatives to make their collaboration during communications effective and adaptable. Doesn’t matter what type of device they’re using or where they’re located.

Let’s find out more about Avaya Aura!

What is Avaya Aura?

Avaya is one of the world’s leaders in business communication and collaboration solutions. It delivers economical IP telephones, unified communications, and others that make the interaction smooth and stable without any trouble. From well-established and start-up organizations, Avaya has gained great momentum and is still working to achieve telephony and network heights.

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Its Avaya Aura® platform keeps the communication definite between different people, customers, employees, and others. It helps businesses in achieving real-time voice, video, messaging, mobility, and other services. Additionally, the Avaya Aura platform has state-of-the-art communication systems to improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.

Avaya Aura

The Avaya Aura Platform comprises Communication Manager, Session Manager, Session Border Controller for Enterprise, System Manager, Messaging, Communication Manager Messaging, Application Enablement Services (AE Services) and the Presence Services Snap-in.

Different Components of Avaya Aura Platform

●  Avaya Aura® Session Manager

Session manager handles users and multimedia communications features across business networks, including Avaya and third-party communications systems. It provides the capabilities to combine and interoperate PBXs and other communications systems in any location with access to real-time communications services.

●  Avaya Aura® Communication Manager

Avaya Aura Communication Manager provides more than 700 services for unified communications, including support for mobility, customer contact, messaging, auto-attendant, multimedia conferencing and E911. It supports a wide variety of devices and global industry-standard communications protocols.

●  Avaya Aura® Presence Services

It distributes excellent presence capabilities across the different infrastructure. It collects, aggregates and publishes presence from and to multiple sources and clients. It also supports multimedia messaging.

●  Avaya Aura® System Manager

It is a centralized, stable and browser-based administration console. It provides an integrated, intuitive solution for network management to network administrators. This system manager also includes dial plan management, user administration, monitoring, security, reporting and license management. The businesses will get better data consistency, faster deployment, lower total-cost-of-ownership and less training.

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Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

It keeps real-time communications on track so they don’t go beyond the borders of the network. It has all the excellent security characteristics and an arbitrary remote worker capability.

Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services

It provides connectivity between external applications and Avaya Aura Communication Manager. Through Application Enablement Services, it enables the customers and clients to combine the Avaya Aura Platform with hundreds of communications and business applications.

Enablement Services

Benefits of Avaya Aura

Here are the following advantages of adding the Avaya Aura platform to your businesses.

  • Improve business agility
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Centralized user administration
  • Integrate multi-vendor and business application
  • Improve scalability

Wrapping Up!

Avaya Aura platform is used in an IP and SIP-based architecture to unify media, modes, networks, devices, applications, and real-time, actionable presence across a common infrastructure. Through this cost-effective solution, businesses can improve employee efficiency and overall productivity. With the availability of numerous vendors of Avaya phone 9608 and others, business people can choose a highly effective Avaya communication system to smoothen the connections between employees and customers.

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