How to Remote Access a PC from Anywhere

How to Remote Access a PC from Anywhere

As a company, being able to access your PC and network computers remotely offers many benefits that enable you to perform various work-related tasks more efficiently,

including troubleshooting, technical support, updates, and more, which is especially useful if you have employees working from home.

However, it is first important to understand the types of remote access to determine the best solution for you.

Attended Remote Access

When an employee’s PC encounters technical issues, customer support technicians may need attended remote access to troubleshoot the problem and then provide direct support.

Attended remote access means that for technicians to gain entry to the device and provide a solution remotely, an authorized user must be at the computer to permit them.

Hence, this type of remote access is more suitable when immediate entrance into the desktop is not warranted. For that, you will need unattended remote access.

Unattended Remote Access

Unattended remote access enables technicians to access devices remotely without an authorized user present. Instead, a file system agent is installed on your company’s remote computers and servers, which then enables the technicians to enter your network at any time.

This way, they can perform maintenance activities on devices, such as updates, as well as also provide periodic and on-the-spot support services as needed to help increase efficiency and productivity.

Unattended remote access can also be used to enable your employees to connect to their office desktops to access files and data when working remotely.

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How to Remote Access a PC from Anywhere

Remote Desktop Tools

Remote desktop tools enable your company’s PCs to be accessed remotely via any device utilizing software and the internet to stream a real-time feed of the device that is being accessed. From there, you will be able to view the computer’s files, applications, and more.

Windows RDC Tool

Windows also has a built-in RDC tool, which enables users to establish remote connections to other Windows devices. However, it may not be suitable for more scalable remote access.

Choosing the Best Solution

Multi-Workstation Monitoring

When choosing a solution, you want to be sure that it enables you to monitor multiple environments, if needed, which will allow you to supervise various workstations.

Live Chat

Communication is also important for accessing your devices remotely, so you should also choose a solution that includes a live chat feature that enables you to easily interact with users and without interruptions.

Remote Desktop From Mobile

Remote file access is important for technicians on the go to do their job from anywhere, so your chosen solution should also enable remote desktop from mobile, which

will allow them to access your PCs and network computers using their mobile device.

These are just a few ways to utilize remote access to PCs for increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace and beyond. Hopefully, you are also left with an understanding of what to look for in a remote access solution to help you find the best one for you.          

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