5 Types of CRM Software and How to Choose One

5 Types of CRM Software and How to Choose One

Software able to automate every key aspect of customer relationship management (CRM) can be a potent asset, provided that the right platform or application is selected. With so many different options available to choose from, professionals would do well to learn more about the automation options and software solutions that are best suited to their specific needs.

1.Operations and Workflow

business operations that have been built organically can provide superior efficiency when compared to a blind top-down approach. Automating the operational aspect of CRM can provide a treasure-trove of useful information. Possessing superior insight into the needs and habits of customers makes fine-tuning workflow a much easier undertaking.

2.Data Analysis

Analytics is a powerful tool, one that can shed some much-needed light on industry trends and customer behaviors. CRM that focused on data analysis can be used to visualize data in a more effective and constructive way. Data analysis is perhaps the best way to learn more about customers or to study how they interact with a business.


Few businesses are equipped to handle everything on their own. Collaborative CRM is designed to facilitate communication and data sharing between multiple organizations, including manufacturing, shipping and distribution, and end-line product vendors. For businesses that are seeking to facilitate more productive and efficient interactions among their partners, affiliates, and service providers, a collaborative approach can be ideal.

4.Strategic Relations

Strategic CRM can be useful for professionals and organizations that are seeking to develop a better understanding of their clientele. Often used to generate customer templates, this type of software may also be useful for using models to predict evolving behaviors or to forecast future trends with greater accuracy. Businesses that lack a more detailed and complete understanding of their customers and clients could be placing themselves at a real disadvantage.

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Campaign Management

Campaign-based CRM utilizes elements of both operational and analytical CSM in order to make it easier to manage an effective advertising or promotional campaign. While marketing efforts play an integral role in ensuring the future success of a business, even modest promotional campaigns require considerable time and effort to manage. Campaign-based CRM resources can help by automating key aspects of the process.

Choosing the Right CRM Resources

While there is no one platform or application that may be able to handle every need or eventuality, possessing a better understanding of a CRM definition, concept or the scope and focus of each application can allow businesses to find and select the one that is most suited to their needs. 

Fledgling enterprises and new startups often find that campaign management or operational CRM can provide them with the most value while established organizations may benefit more from an option that focuses on data analysis or collaboration. Utilizing more than one type of software can also allow businesses to mix and match a wider range of features that may be found in any one option.

There are plenty of resources that may be used to automate key aspects of customer relationship management. Learning more about what each has to offer can allow businesses to navigate their options with far greater ease.

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