Benefits of Using Video Brochures for Marketing Purposes

Benefits of Using Video Brochures for Marketing Purposes

Getting your brand out there can be hard enough, but getting noticed can be even harder. With constant advertising bombarding us every day, both online and in real life, it’s a minefield. From social media adverts to billboards and TV ads, marketing is everywhere. So how can you stand out?

Video brochures are an effective way of using direct mail to market your product. There are many benefits to using this type of marketing collateral. From helping you stand out to an easy target marketing tactic, here are the reasons why you should give video brochures a try.

Direct Mail is An Effective Marketing Approach

Direct Mail might feel a bit dated, but we can assure you it isn’t. Living in such a digitally focused world, we’re used to seeing ads on our screens. So, when we’re handed something physical, it can mean a lot more and make more of an impact. It also allows brands to connect with their audience on a more personal level and can be an effective way of getting someone’s attention.

Neil Patel, online marketing and SEO specialist, has emphasized how important direct mail still is. Statistically, direct mail produces a higher ROI than paid search and online adverts, proving how effective it still is today.

He explains that a successful marketing strategy should never focus on one single channel, such as only advertising through social media or paid search. Using a variety of channels is how to conduct a successful marketing strategy, so direct mail can work well with digital marketing strategies as you are extending the number of people you can reach.

Obtain and Keep Attention

When someone receives a video brochure, you’re almost guaranteed to have their undivided attention from when they open the brochure to watching the video. Humans are easily intrigued, and a video brochure is unique enough to make someone interested in watching the video, which is exactly what you want them to do. You won’t have that same attention when you send an email, for example.

Customisable to Your Branding

Consistent branding is paramount for any company. Many video brochure vendors will work with you directly on the design to make sure it fits in with your branding. From your logo to colour palette, it will be created with your branding in mind, so it is clear who you are as a company.

Target Your Audience Directly

If you know exactly who you’d like to target, video brochures are the perfect tool to make sure you put yourselves in front of the right crowd. This will allow you to target them directly with information they will be interested in. You can also include the exact call to action you’d like them to take after the video, so they know what to do next.

As long as you have an exciting video that is interesting enough to keep the viewers’ attention, you have a strong chance of making a big impact.

Get People Talking

The beauty of having something to physically hold, paired with an engaging video inside, is that people will want to talk about it. If the video is good enough, they might even show their family or friends. This is why video brochures have good potential for shareability.

It’s a lot more likely that you will make a lasting impact on your audience when using a video brochure rather than a paper leaflet. They’re also rechargeable and reusable so you can get the most out of one brochure!

Do Something Different

Using direct mail such as video brochures aren’t very common, but that’s what makes them so impactful. You need something unique in your marketing strategy to help you stand out. Almost all brands are online (well, they should be) which makes it hard to make an impression. Doing something different, like sending a video brochure, is a way to surprise your audience – they’re much more likely to remember you that way.

If you’re looking to do something memorable with your marketing campaigns, a video brochure is a perfect place to start. Not only does it stand out, but it’s a great way to directly target your audience with a strong chance of obtaining their attention enough to take your video in.


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