Best 3 One-Click Phone to Phone Transfer 2022

Best 3 One-Click Phone to Phone Transfer 2022

When you buy a new mobile, you may want to transfer data from the old phone to your new one. Don’t stress as we will provide you with the best phone to phone transfer software to complete the task with the best quality.

Best 3 one-click phone-to-phone transfer

Check out our three one-click phone to phone transfer tools with a featured description along with its pros and cons.

1. Visdee Phone Transfer

Visdee Phone Transfer is our first phone to phone transfer tool that supports 20000+ Android and iOS devices, including iTunes, iCloud, Android, and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod in one click. Recognized by Macworld, Softpedia, and CNET, Visdee Phone Transfer enables you to transfer almost all files between devices, some of which are contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, music, video, calendar, and WhatsApp chats. You can also backup and restore 20+ data like music, bookmarks, and apps to a hard drive or computer effectively.

Visdee Phone Transfer


  1. It is a reliable, fast, and secure phone-to-phone transfer tool.
  2. The process is stable along with the limitless data transfer.


So far, there is no disadvantage encountered while using this tool.

  1. MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer from Wondershare allows you to perform phone-to-phone transfers of data like contacts, photos, messages, apps, music, notes, and more, safely and securely, without resetting the device or deleting the original data in just one click. This tool supports around 8000+ mobile devices of Android, iOS, and Windows systems. Recognized by PCWorld, Techradar, and other global leaders, MobileTrans offers a 30X faster data transfer speed.

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MobileTrans - Phone Transfer


  1. It is an easy-to-use tool, and the interface is user-friendly.
  2. This tool’s transfer speed is good and runs smoothly.


Its trial version does not offer many features to transfer the data.

3. Jihosoft Phone Transfer

Jihosoft Phone Transfer offers two different transfer modes, one of which is the phone to phone transfer. You can transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, SMS, call logs, calendars, etc., between Android and iOS devices with one click in this mode. Being an excellent tool to manage all your mobile data, the Android and iOS devices supported are Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, and many more with various versions. Offering the backup & restore mode, Jihosoft Phone Transfer accomplishes the task with high efficiency and 100% security.

Jihosoft Phone Transfer


  1. Based on Android and iOS, it works well with 3000+ devices.
  2. It helps you to transfer data from one phone to the other in one click.


To use this software, iTunes has to be downloaded on your PC.


So, this was our discussion about the three best third-party applications for a phone to phone transfer, of which we recommend Visdee Phone Transfer for its efficiency and unbeatable features.


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