Intelligent marketing analytics tools prove to be a boon for e-commerce brands as these tools help businesses boom exorbitantly. Although there are various marketing analytics tools for e-commerce in the market, Google Analytics, Adverity, KISSmetrics, Klaviyo, Woopra, and Hotjar tops the list of internet marketing analytics tools.

Apart from providing powerful data-driven insights, each of these tools has certain USPs which make them the most sought-after analytics tools. Many e-commerce brands often hire experts who are well-versed and have proven expertise in keeping a tab on essential eCommerce metrics via any of these tools, thus making the process easier and much more efficient. Additionally, the majority of companies hire a digital marketing expert in India & save 70% on costs, including various other benefits.

Why does e-commerce requires marketing analytics tools?

For e-commerce brands to run effective marketing measures or strategies, collecting data, measuring, and analysing it is essential. This further helps them to grow, in terms of reach, website traffic, sales, and ROI. Marketing analytics tools play a major role in achieving each of these goals; they help gather statistical data, understand consumer behaviour, and cover all other vital e-commerce metrics. Here, we can talk about the role played by digital marketing dashboards in tracking key business performance metrics like website traffic, bounce rate, leads, sales & growth figures, conversion rate, session duration, click-through-rate, social media metrics, and so on. This is exactly where an expert like “Marketing Reports” can provide all the necessary help in integrating an analytics dashboard to your website.

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Now let’s unwrap the USPs of the top internet marketing analytics tools mentioned above.

  1. Google Analytics

One of the top USPs of Google Analytics is it is a free analytics tool and easy to use. Hence, marketing experts and e-commerce brands prefer using it the most. The tool tracks and evaluates campaigns, analyses competitor’s metrics, and generates reports on sales conversions, customer behaviour, customer acquisition, and much more. Additionally, it integrates well with almost every e-commerce platform.

  1. Adverity

Adverity is another marketing analytics tool via which you can get real-time business performance reports, analyse all your key performance indicators, and keep a track of your marketing and sales activities. In case of poor performance, the tool highlights it instantly and focuses on ways to optimize it further. It also offers suggestions for enhancements and integrates well with almost every digital marketing tool.

  1. KISSmetrics

From delivering key insights to user’s interaction on your website to advanced reporting of every essential eCommerce metric like total revenue, sales, conversion rate, popular discounts, most viewed and purchased products, etc., KISSmetrics offers a detailed analytics tool. It also allows you to see the eCommerce funnels, enabling you to closely analyse the user’s purchasing and checkout behaviours.

  1. Klaviyo

E-mail marketing is one of the prime factors for eCommerce brands to generate more sales and improve their digital marketing ROI, and this is where Klaviyo comes into the picture. It solely focuses on e-mail marketing automation for eCommerce businesses. To carry out effective campaigns, in-depth email marketing is essential, and Klaviyo enables users to analyse the key metrics, campaigns, product performances, etc.

  1. Woopra
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The best part about Woopra is its ability to visualize and optimize a customer’s journey and update user’s analytics in real-time. Also, its free version includes a lot of features and is extremely user-friendly. It also offers an in-depth analysis of the sales funnel, responds to customers’ behaviour, and identifies the metrics that lead to abandoned cart rates. No doubt, this fully-integrated Customer Journey Analytics platform is amongst the top internet marketing analytics tools for e-commerce brands.

  1. Hotjar

Hotjar is an analytics tool that offers you behaviour analytics and review data to understand your user’s behaviour and get an insight on the same. Basically, it helps you to empathize with your users after understanding their behaviour and offer what they love, leading to higher customer satisfaction and conversions.


Depending on your business needs, objectives, and goals, you can take help from any of these marketing tools and take your business to the next level. Understand that in this highly competitive world, it’s always best to stay updated with the latest technologies and industry trends.

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