Best Advice On Hiring A Full-Stack Developer

Best Advice On Hiring A Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is a person that will develop your website and it will save you the time of looking for a few different developers. Full-stack developers do both parts of the development process, the front-end development, as well as the back-end development.

There are tons of full-stack developers on the Internet that look quite promising at the first glance. But remember that some are better than others.

So, how can you find the right full-stack developer for your project?

In the following article, we will give you a few pieces of advice when it comes to choosing the right one!

Know your requirements!

Before you even start looking for a full-stack developer, you need to make sure that you’ve set your requirements straight. There are few different questions that seek an answer here:

  • How big is your project?

If your project is big and complex, you might want to opt for an experienced and skilled full-stack developer or a full-stack development company.

  • What is your budget?

If your budget is unlimited, then you have no problem choosing whoever you want. The real problem occurs when you have a limited budget for the project. Usually, full-stack development companies are more expensive than freelancers. But, remember that freelance full-stack developers can sometimes charge you more than a firm would. You need to do deep research on this one.

  • Are there any special requirements on your side worth mentioning?

Sometimes before the development of a project, owners have some demands in terms of features or functions. That’s why you need to set your requirements on the table on the very first chat with the developer. That way, both of you will get the image of the projects’ final result and the pricing.

  • Want to hire a company or a freelancer?
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We’ve already mentioned this before, but there are some significant differences between full-stack development companies and full-time, contract and freelance developers. The differences are in terms of price, time-range of finishing the project, the approach on the development, etc.

Advice on hiring a full-stack developer

After setting your priorities straight, you may continue onto the next part of the development project, before the development itself, and that is- choosing the right, experienced, and motivated full-stack developer.

  • Do your web research

The good thing about the modern world is that it allows us to find any information online. All you have to do is simply write down what you need. After searching ‘full-stack developers’ and the many articles that will show up, you will find actual developers. They have profiles on social media and different platforms like UpWork, Fiverr, LinkedIn…

  • Contact a few of them

For starters, a simple message is enough. afterward, you may continue with a phone call, etc. always make sure to contact a few full-stack developers. Usually, they will reply really fast, and you’ll know if they are the right ones after a short period of time. By contacting different developers you’ll have different opinions, prices, and time-ranges. That way, you’ll be able to choose from them.

You can also contact full-stack development companies. It is the same approach and same result.

  • If it doesn’t suit your needs, move on

Do not settle for less than you’re looking for. This applies to many aspects, and your development project is one of them. You’ll spend money and time on that project, so you want it to look good and to function properly, just the way you’ve imagined it.

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If a full-stack developer doesn’t meet your requirements, simply look for another one.

  • Reviews, star rates, and comments are highly appreciated

Another benefit from the Internet. Platforms usually have a place where you can simply drop your review, comment on your experience, and rate it. That way, others will know what to expect from the developer. The better the reviews- the more experienced and better the full-stack developer. Keep this in mind when searching.


By the end of this article, we hope that you’ve recognized the differences between the full-stack freelance developer and the full-stack development company. Prices and time ranges may vary, but so do the knowledge and experience.

The project you want to develop is going to be something long-term, so we’d advise you to search for a full-stack developer that has lots of experience and knowledge, even if it’s a bit pricier. In the end, it’s going to be worth the money.



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