5 Careers to Pursue in 2021

5 Careers to Pursue in 2021

It’s safe to say that 2020 was challenging. In fact, in addition to trying to live as normally as possible during a pandemic, far too many people found themselves without work. Thankfully, the new year has arrived and with it brings new hope. It’s a time to look towards the future and possibly even a new career.

Whether you’ve been wanting to change your career path or need a new job out of necessity, there’s never been a better time. You can always go for an online career test to know more about which career suits you the best. Below are five careers you should consider pursuing in 2021.

UX/UI Designer

The need for qualified UX/UI designers continues to grow. UX/UI designers are the people who build and maintain websites from both the front and back end. However, they shouldn’t be confused with a web developer, whose job is to manage websites.

Creating a memorable user experience is what makes a brand get noticed. It involves creating an appealing website layout for ease of access, in addition to choosing the right color schemes. Being a UX/UI designer doesn’t require a degree, however, you do need a certain skill set and passion for it. There are plenty of online courses that help you learn the skills of a UX/UI designer and even build a portfolio.

The Medical Industry

When most people think of the medical industry, they usually think about the doctors and nurses, but there are many different sub-fields and potential career paths to consider. Medical assistants can start working with an associate’s degree, and there are also office positions like a medical biller and transcriptionist. Depending on the type of career you pursue, education and training can last anywhere between two to 10 years; the greatest amount of time goes into becoming a doctor, but you’ll begin working in the field while you’re still in med school.

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Becoming an electrician can also be lucrative. In fact, highly experienced technicians can earn upwards of $45 to $ 55 dollars an hour. Keep in mind that in addition to a high school diploma or GED, electricians do need extensive training and certification.

An additional eight weeks of technical training with supplementary electrical courses like these are also required. An additional eight weeks of technical training within three years is required as well. Once your training is complete, you will then have to apply for certification, which is $75 while the exams cost $100.

Financial Managers

If there is one goal that every business shares, it’s saving more while spending less. To accomplish this, they leave most of the financial responsibility to financial managers. Financial managers are responsible for keeping tabs on the finances, investigating new ways to earn a bigger profit while cutting costs. Financial managers are not the same as accountants, even though they do share a lot of the same daily tasks.

To become a financial manager, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or business. According to Ascent, “…student loans without a cosigner can help you obtain the skills you need to earn your degree without having to rely on your parents or someone else.” It is important to note that you do need to have good credit and not have any student loans in default.

Software Developers

As technology evolves, so does the need for software development. A software developer is an excellent career choice for those who love all things tech. The position pays extremely well and can even be done remotely. While a lot of software developers do hold a college degree, it’s not always a requirement. Self-taught developers who can prove they have the right skills can often find employment. If this career is for you, you can start your job search by looking for companies that offer remote jobs in Atlanta.

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As the job market continues to change, pursuing a career in fast-growing industries with increased demands will boost your odds of getting hired. Research each field you’re interested in and decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

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