Best Football Movies to Watch Anywhere in 2023

Football allows raw power and agility to compete directly and sometimes even coexist, unlike in many other sports. Football is different from other sports like basketball, where playing with a cast is normal. Broken fingers are expected but not unusual. Football is a collision game, not a contact sport. There are some movies that you can watch related to football games. NFL offers favorite movies, specifically, Friday night action of high school football, the college scene, and the NFL itself.

These films delve deeply into football, bringing audiences closer to the intricacy of this cherished sport. Whether set in history, fiction, or a combination, these films have a common passion and admiration for the game through their different stories and stubborn characters, whether on or off the field.

1. Any Given Sunday

Tony D’Amato plays a tough football coach for the Miami Sharks in the film “Any Given Sunday,” as he tries to get his side to win on the field. He manages an unstable relationship with the team’s owner simultaneously. With over 100.2 million USD in box office success, Oliver Stone’s film released in the United States on December 22, 1999. Warner Bros is distributing a story written by Daniel Pyne and John Logan.

Where to stream: Hulu

2. The Blind Side

A biographical sports drama, “The Blind Side,” is about Michael Oher, a homeless and damaged youngster who becomes an All-American football player. John Lee Hancock directed the film, released in the United States on November 20, 2009. Sandra Bullock got the Academy Award as Best Actress for her performance as Oher’s adoptive mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy.

Where to stream: Netflix, Germany, Singapore and Canada

3. Remember the Titans

The story of a newly hired African-American coach and his high school team in the early 1970s is true. Boaz Yakin, the film’s director, provides a cinematic narrative led by his vision. Remember that the United States released the Titans movie on September 23, 2000.

Where to stream: Disney Plus

4. Rudy

Rudy is an outstanding football film that follows the story of a young man who continually hears that he is too young for college football. He is unflinching in facing the challenges ahead and pursuing his goal of playing for Notre Dame. The United States released the movie on October 13, 1993. This film is notable for its worldwide appeal and timeless plot, and it is the first permitted film on the Notre Dame campus since 1940.

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Where to stream: Netflix, Starz and Germany

5. Jerry Maguire

Cameron Crowe directed a movie with Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renee Zellweger, and Regina King on December 13, 1996. The film’s main character is Jerry Maguire (Cruise), a sports agent whose career path crosses that of wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Gooding Jr.) after Maguire’s company chooses to dismiss him. Cuba Gooding Jr.’s exceptional performance in the movie earned him the Best Actor Oscar in 1997.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

6. Friday Night Lights

A popular football film, Friday Night Lights, inspired a long-running television series. It illustrates the difficulties the team and its coach endure as they get ingrained in a state that places great importance on football at many levels, set in the competitive world of Texas high school football. The Peter Berg-directed movie, an adaptation of a book that tells the true tale of the Perlman High School Panthers in Odessa, depicts their 1988 championship run. It received recognition as the ESPY Award for Best Sports Movie winner and was included as one of the top high school movies by Entertainment Weekly.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

7. Brian’s Song

There was a time when James Caan and Billy Dee Williams’ hit song “Brian’s Song” was featured in ABC’s ABC Movie of the Week. Despite their disagreements, Chicago Bears teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers became the first interracial roommates in NFL history, and this movie narrates their true experiences. Brian’s Song was released in November 1971 in the USA.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video

8. We Are Marshall

Another football movie tells the story of a university’s efforts to rebuild its football team after a tragic plane accident. Seventy-five people lost their lives in the November 14, 1970 disaster of Southern Airways flight 932, including 37 players from the Marshall University Thundering Herd football team.

Five coaches, two athletic trainers, the athletic director, twenty-five boosters, and the five-person flight crew were among the victims of the worst sports-related aviation accident in US history. In addition to a youthful Anthony Mackie playing co-captain Nate Ruffin, Marvel fans will know Matthew McConaughey as the new head coach. The movie “We Are Marshall” was released in December 2006.

Where to stream: Netflix and HBO Max

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9. Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues follows a Texas high school football team as they manage the heavy pressures of being a teenage player in a sports-centric town. Their adventure includes dealing with an overbearing instructor, played by Jon Voight. James Van Der Beek plays a benchwarmer for the squad after Paul Walker, who plays the starting quarterback, is injured. Here’s the explanation for anyone who has ever heard the expression “I don’t want…your life!” and is unsure of its origin. Its release took place in January 1999.

Where to stream: Paramount+

10. The Replacements

The Replacements comedy tells the story of unusual coach Jimmy McGinty (played by two-time Oscar winner Gene Hackman) and draws inspiration from the 1987 NFL players’ strike. In response to pro-football players leaving in the middle of the season, McGinty hires a retired quarterback (Keanu Reeves) to lead the Washington Sentinels to the playoffs.

Where to stream: HBO Max

11. North Dallas Forty

North Dallas Forty offers a genuine glimpse into the inner workings of professional football, and a semi-autobiographical novel forms the basis for this story by a former Dallas Cowboys player. Nick Nolte, a former Arizona State football scholarship holder, plays Phil Elliott, an aging receiver enmeshed in the prevalent culture of painkillers, drugs, and alcohol available to football players in the 1970s.

Where to stream: HBO Max

12. Necessary Roughness

The Fightin’ Armadillos, a college American football team, suffer a blow when a rule infraction results in losing every coach and player. They have no choice but to form a new team of real students to tackle this issue. Necessary Roughness film, directed by Stan Dragoti, was released on September 1991 in the United States. Can the 34-year-old high school quarterback who did not attend college, Scott Bakula, salvage the program for the Armadillos? You can predict where this underdog comedy is headed, given that Sinbad, Jason Bateman, and supermodel Kathy Ireland (as a former women’s soccer star turned kicker) are among her motley crew of colleagues.

Where to stream: Paramount+


This blog post offers an organized collection of interesting football movies on many devices. From well-known dramas like “Any Given Sunday” to inspirational stories like “Remember the Titans,” the assortment accommodates various tastes. Furthermore, if you are interested in watching these movies, you can get access through a reliable VPN service like ExtremeVPN.

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