Best platforms to use to keep your business safe

Best platforms to use to keep your business safe

Cloud storage is not only a safe space to store data—it’s a form of company integration. With the right solution, companies can engage in multi-user communication and access information across all business apps. Knowing that cloud storage is a bedrock for business management and productivity, here is our list of the best platforms for safety and beyond.

2010 Microsoft Azure

Though not the newest cloud service platform around, Microsoft Azure has a reputation for being a reliable solution for diverse industries. Users can stream anything on the cloud and conjoin these runs with applications. Costs for ongoing support are reduced given the lack of the need for physical servers. You’re able to try out many services for free as part of their ‘Always Free’ campaign. Some services are pay-as-you-go and customized approaches to company needs are available for your convenience.

IaaS and PaaS Google Cloud

Businesses will benefit from the multi-layered framework of Google Cloud’s system. There are a plethora of different tools that companies can use to make work performance easier. Business teams can take advantage of Cloud Storage, Computer Engine, and Container Engine for seamless integration between teams. All of the activity is backed by the cloud to ensure security is handled from all angles.

Snowflake Cloud Platform

With Snowflake platform, businesses can control the amount of data they use to control the amount of money they spend for services. Unlike these other solutions, Snowflake charges by the volume of virtual space used by companies rather than per user. You’ll gain the ability to reduce or eliminate expenses you don’t need by planning accordingly. Snowflake also offers monitoring and credits to help users keep costs down as they store their information with advanced security. Snowflake provides a foundation for smooth integration and a secure data collection using machine learning technologies.

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CloudLinux Cloud Platform

Beyond cloud storage and security, CloudLinux offers businesses the ability to control how their cloud network is hosted. Companies will have more control over their IT infrastructure and the security surrounding server resources. This is an excellent option for those who have advanced knowledge of cloud services and want to take the position of having greater control over company security.

IBM Cloud Platform

Choose from cloud and non-cloud-based services that work with both private and public management networks. Clients can gain access to the server in its entirety, reducing interferences and enhancing work performance. You can also customize everything in the server and select by your choice the customizations that make the most sense for you and your business. You can avoid paying for features you know you won’t use.

The Bottom Line

There is a business data storage solution out there for every company. Take some time to reflect on the essentials you need covered for yours, and then get started with one of these safe cloud storage solutions. Today, the security you need to run your company safely is in your hands. Cloud-based solutions offer the user more control than ever before.

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