Best Professional resume writing service

Best Professional resume writing service

Professional resume writing service, is best of the best

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Are you in need of resume help online?

          A few words must be said about a cover letter. In addition to your resume, we also recommend professional cv writing a cover letter, which is often neglected by job seekers. This is a good way to stand out from other candidates and draw attention to your resume.

The text of the cover letter should be informative enough, but concise. It begins with a formal appeal to the employer. Be sure to include the name of the job you are interested in and the source of information about it. Next, briefly describe why you want to work in this particular company, describe your skills and work experience.

Recommendations from previous jobs are encouraged. At the end of your cover letter, please include the current contact details that can be used to reach you and thank the employer for their time.

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Portfolio in resume

The portfolio can be attached to the resume builder to show the recruiter examples of work that give an idea of ​​the applicant as a specialist. Of course, having a portfolio is not suitable for all professions, but only for those whose professional achievements can be presented visually (projects and works). For a musician, a portfolio is his notes, for a copywriter – texts, for a programmer – links to websites, and so on.

Try to collect 5-7 of your best work or projects in your portfolio. It is desirable that your “portfolio” looks structured and neat: you can place your work both in chronological order and depending on the genre and style. Be guided in your choice by the desired position: if you are going to write articles about tourism, attach texts close to this topic in your portfolio.

A creative “portfolio” option is also possible – your own website with examples of work, a blog or a photo book. You can use special services to create a portfolio.

Where to place

Currently, a very common option for posting a resume is a well-known specialized job search sites.

The resume can be posted on social networks (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) both on your page and in job search groups, as well as on specialized forums. Another option is registration in professional social networks, where the profile is as close as possible to the resume (LinkedIn, etc.). Employers often use these resources to find employees.

You can also pay attention to employment sites for the region in which you live, submit a mini-resume to the newspaper or contact your local employment center.

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How to send a resume to an employer

Once your resume has been completed, you should take it seriously enough so that the employer’s first impression of you is positive and the letter does not end up in the Spam folder and reaches the addressee.

When sending your resume by email, do not forget about the “Subject” field, it must be filled in. The topic should explain the purpose of your appeal and indicate the desired position. For example: “Resume of Jane Griffin for the position of hairdresser”, “Response to the vacancy of a teacher of German.”

In the body of the letter, put a small cover letter with a brief explanation of why you should fill the vacancy for which you are applying. The resume itself must be attached as a separate file with the “doc” or “PDF” extension. The names of the attached files should also be clear and informative (for example, “Resume_Katrevich_translator”).

Writing is an art and custom writing is a separate kind of art. Someone has to acquire certain skills to be able to accomplish the task and there are people who are certified to do this sort of the task. Hire a writer, you save your time and make yourself one step closer to the dream job of your life. Help yourself out. This kind of online services have helped a lot to reach their dream jobs and you are no exception.


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