Can you play slot games on social media? 

Can you play slot games on social media? 

Social media seems to have become a platform for everything. You can find it all on social media: people’s personal content, their businesses, work lives as well as accounts of people advocating for social issues. It would seem that these apps have grown into an infinite source of information that you can use to find anything you need. But what about slot games?

Most of us remember the days when apps like Farmville, Candy Crush and Mafia Wars ruled over the social networks. Their popularity and libraries of countless other games suggest that you can find anything on social media. This might not be entirely true when it comes to slots such as the Blood Suckers slot game.

No known slot games 

As it currently stands, when you search for slots on social media platforms in the UK, not many apps come up. The ones that do come up could not exactly be called slots – they do not look or play like slots.

Strange, considering how popular online slots are. And what is more, we used to have casino games like poker readily available on social media platforms like Facebook. However, these games cannot be found on Facebook today. Do social media creators not want to hop on the slot train and introduce some games? Perhaps they disagree with playing slots? The reason why we cannot find any slot games on social media platforms is likely to lie somewhere else.

Slots are casino games that are highly addictive, tend to be offered to players over 18 years of age and require a lot of regulation to be allowed online. As we know, social media is available to those under the age of 18 and lacks proper identity verification process. In other words, anyone could create a “catfish” account on social media, an account that doesn’t represent them as a real-life person. People can create fictional identities on social media. This draws lines to the debate whether it would be ethical and legal to allow slots on social media platforms.

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This is likely to be the issue with slots featuring on social media platforms. It very well might be the case that licenses were not granted for slots to appear on apps like Facebook.

But how can one link their slots playing to social media? 

Slots fan pages – plentiful and thriving 

On the other hand, the lack of actual slot games on social media platforms does not mean that there is a lack of slots-related content. There are plenty of fan pages where you will find regular updates on the events with the slot provider, prize rewards for following them, special offers and other game-related content. This is open to people of any age.

Gambling-related content is plentiful within social media despite of the lack of actual slot games. Maybe in the future, we will see slot games on social media platforms too, but until then there will have to be a good deal of negotiating and licensing procedures.

Playing slots on social media could be possible again one day. If you are looking to play free slots you can do that through one of the many available apps for Android and iOS. You could also do that through an online casino. Keep the game exciting and affordable and, as always, we wish you huge wins!

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