Best Thunderkick Casino Slot Games Releases 

Best Thunderkick Casino Slot Games Releases 

Over the last century or so the slot gambling sphere has risen to become by far the most famous and successful part of the entire gambling industry, and in reality there really shouldn’t be any surprise here either, because slot gambling is a cut above any other casino game these days. Seriously, it is incredibly difficult to match the excitement that can be generated from playing slots at King Casino – no other casino game has nearly the same level of bonus features and technological innovation. 

Over the last two decades in particular the slots industry has gone from strength to strength, and that is completely down to the new and exciting world of online slot games. pg slot เว็บตรง These days gamblers are free to spin those reels from pretty much anywhere if they have a valid Internet connection – you just cannot beat it! Thunderkick have historically been one of the most popular online slot developers, keep reading for the best Thunderkick casino slot games releases. 

Thunderkick: Who are they? 

Before we get into listing the actual best Thunderkick online slot releases, it is important to gather a bit of knowledge on exactly who this slot developer is. There are so many different companies delivering online slots out there in 2021 that it is always interesting taking a deeper look at one of them. Thunderkick were established back in 2012, and surprise surprise, they are also a Swedish slots company, just like other well known developers such as NetEnt.

Their main objective? “To create kick-ass content that leaves no one untouched”. It is a valiant objective, and one that you can really see when you check out the Thunderkick back-catalogue. There are plenty of different themes to choose from, and also plenty of different types of slot game too. 

The best Thunderkick casino slot games releases 

Okay, that’s a little bit of background about Thunderkick out of the way, so now it’s time to take a exploration into some of the best Thunderkick casino slot games releases. Just like the vast majority of other online slot developers around these days, Thunderkick has an impressive back-catalogue, here are some of our favourite games: 

  •       1429 Uncharted Seas: This seafaring online slot game shows off Thunderkick’s pungent for exquisite graphics, with the reels and symbols all being rendered with a beautiful hand-drawn aesthetic. This makes 1429 Uncharted Seas immediately very inviting, and with an RTP of 98.5% it is also a great bet for gamblers looking to win money too!
  •       Well of Wonder: One of the main reasons why people love Thunderkick slots so much is because the company is never afraid to experiment. Well of Wonder is a fantastic example of this, as the company have decided to do away with the conventional reel format. The symbols in Well of Wonder float magically out of a well in the middle, with gamblers using a cluster pay mechanism to collect wins. It is all incredible unique!



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