The Importance of Personalised Presentation Folders In Everyday Business

The Importance of Personalised Presentation Folders In Everyday Business

There are a few things that matter if you want to run a business successfully. Marketing the products and services you offer is one of them. There are many ways you can get the word out to the general public. Digital Marketing practices have been one of the major marketing tools in these times.

But any normal folder may not be enough. You must design a personalised folder for your business. Personalised folders will help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Why Presentation Folders?

If you do not have a presentation folder yet, then here are a few reasons why you need to get one.


Having a well designed and arranged presentation folder will get you new business. How you may think. While you are meeting potential stakeholders or clients, take a presentation folder along with you.

This will make you look professional and give the prospect a good impression about you and your business. It will make them feel you are the right person to work with and will increase the chances of you getting a new collaborator.

The folder must be eye catching and must represent the business fully. The outlook of the folder is as important as the documents inside. Arrange them in a way that the more data rich documents like annual reports are at the back.

Such a presentation folder will make a long-lasting impression on the reader. They can get all information about your services in one place and will most likely go through all documents.


All people who pick up the presentation folder will notice the logo and tagline of your business first. All you have to do is make sure your personalized folder is visually pleasing to make them grab a copy.

The more clients pick up the folder and carry it with them, you will have easy marketing without spending much on it. Actually, the cost is one of the reasons why businesses keep avoiding getting a presentation folder.

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But if you can find a good presentation folder printing service, there will be many choices to go with. But choosing the cheapest folder will do you more bad than good. You do not want your folder losing color or tearing at the hands of a customer or prospect, Do you?


One of the lesser-known aspects of having a presentation folder is that it helps in the office work. Yes, you heard that right. It helps in arranging all the details and promotional materials about a certain product in one place.

Apart from product and service descriptions, you can also use presentation folders for storing client information as well. You can assign folders for each client that stores the entire history of a client with your business. The folder containing all details about a particular client can be shared between different departments in the company, like Sales and Accounting.


These days marketing has been mostly shrunk to only online marketing. But the presentation folder can be used as a marketing tool and can get significant results as well.

While designing sales campaigns, you can consider making different presentation folders for each of them. For an extensive marketing campaign that will include a sizeable amount of information, use a custom A4 folder.

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A4 folders are known to hold more information and are the most popular folder size. There are A4 folder printing services in the UK that allow you to customize. There is no need to go with a standard rectangular folder, instead, you can change to a pocket-sized, A5 or landscape folder.

You can incorporate other marketing materials like CDs and DVDs in the presentation folder. There are A4 presentation folders that come with compartments to hold these as well.

Customer Relations

As we already looked into, presentation folders are the best way to get attention in events. During seminars, trade shows, corporate meetings or any other events handing out your personalized presentation folder to the audience is a good idea.

There may be people from all walks of life among the audience. It may include your future customers who might have been actively looking for a product or service that you happen to be offering. The chance of having other business personnel in the audience is also high.

You can also gift your personalised presentation folder to people who are visiting your business. These can include the general public (customers), sales personnel, or even people you might be employed.

This will be a good practise so that they can get an overall information about the company and its functioning. So you eliminate the need of sending out tonnes of email, by sharing the presentation folders.


Even though many consider presentation folders like a thing of the past, they can help you the same way online and social media marketing campaigns do. These have a fresh look and feel compared to the marketing emails you churn out every week. You can give an obvious idea about your business without asking the customers to go to a website.

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