Using Persuasion in Business

Using Persuasion in Business

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When you are trying to advance in business, there are different ways that you are able to approach the situation. One you might not have considered is utilizing persuasion. This could be the proper tool to help you increase your business or allow you to get the promotion you want.

What is persuasion?

Essentially, persuasion entails being able to communicate an idea to others, and in some instances, convince them that your idea is one that they should consider as well. For example, if you are trying to gain new clients and you have a vision, being able to explain it well to others may provide the ability to persuade them to work with you and your company. This is one way that persuasion can come in handy in a business setting.

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One of the ways to use persuasion is to make sure that you are listening to the things that others have to say. When you are working with a client, co-worker, or employee, it is necessary to listen to them. They may have valuable input that can help you meet a goal that you have set forth for yourself.

Another reason that listening is important is that it will allow the other person to feel respected. When you are attentive with another person, this can make them feel heard and like you value their opinion. In other words, it could make cause them to be more open to not only hear what you have to say, but also consider your point of view once you are explaining your side of a situation.

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Another aspect of persuasion is being able to get your point across. No matter who you are talking to and what you are trying to achieve, it may be advantageous if you are able to communicate effectively.

This may mean taking notes beforehand or practicing speaking with clients before a big meeting. When you can interact with others in a manner that is confident and you aren’t tripping on your words, this could make a big difference in showing others that you know what you are talking about. Additionally, this could make them want to believe in you.

Being Informed

You could also find benefit when you are able to back up details or present facts about your point of view or argument. Additionally, this could help in the event that a prospective client or your boss asks a question.

When you have conducted research and you are well-versed about the topic, this can allow others to understand that you know what you are talking about. In other words, it can lead to trust and individuals believing they can count on you, in a number of different areas. Your knowledge could help you get a promotion or entice an important client.


As you are listening and talking to those around you, it will be necessary to note when different things just aren’t working. For example, if you have made up charts and spreadsheets and the clients don’t even look at them, this can be valuable information. It would signal that you need to develop other visual aids.

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The important idea is to keep adapting, until you discover what works best in your line of work and provides the results that you are looking for. You might want to ask friends and family members for their advice, or you could turn to colleagues for clues as well.


Although you may think that persuasion is something negative, this is not always the case. In the realm of business, persuasion may be able to help you gain larger clients or climb up the corporate ladder. You will need to work on your listening and communication skills, and be sure to keep adapting, depending on what is working and what is not. Consider honing these skills if you consider yourself a people person or you work well with others.

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