Choosing Chemo Caps When You’ve Lost Hair

Caps can be comfy and safe and attractive as well. They are, however, more convenient than wigs or scarves when you have lost your hair due to chemotherapy. But choosing the correct type of chemo caps can be challenging.

Most men and women lose hair as a side effect of cancer treatments. Even a part of their day filled with happiness can be a delight for these people. That is the real motive of manufacturers and brands making caps to put such comfort through chemo caps. These are easily available at Cap Factory.

Given below are a few pointers to consider while choosing the perfect chemo caps from various options.

Soft Material

Usually, the bald portion of the head is sensitive and needs infinite comfort. The soft, smooth, and breathable fabric of a cap can help achieve such results. Ensure to choose a chemo cap that is made of a soft and soothing material.

If you are unsure about the material, go for trial-and-error methods and check for different textured fabrics. However, if you find that the texture you chose is not comfortable enough, you always have the option of exchanging it, or instead, you can wear a liner underneath the cap. This would ensure comfort.

Full head Coverage

Cancer headwears are usually designed for full head coverage. Therefore, that is also the foremost requirement while looking for caps for a bald head. This means that the hat is required to cover your entire scalp where you usually have hair.

With full head coverage caps, you can disguise the hair loss and have a sense of security and move out with confidence too. Aim for headwear that extends towards the nape of the neck and covers the entire hairline.


Choosing such a design of caps that give your crown some degrees of volume will form an illusion of hair underneath. Most women suffer from insecurities due to a bald head. It is not limited to women, but men suffer from the same today. Therefore, a hat with some degree of volume will help them cover the same.

Seamless or Few Seams

If you are looking for chemo hats, it would be best to aim for head coverings with minimal seams that have a comfortable lining. This is because the scalp can sometimes be susceptible to certain fabrics. Additionally, a comfy lining would also provide some kind of protection to the scalp.

The Right Size

Size is an important feature to keep account of while choosing the perfect hat for yourself. If you have a small head, look for a padded cap liner to have a good fit for your hats. The liner ensures the desired fullness and a snug fit.

Additionally, it also provides a seamless lining below the hats. Furthermore, you can go for an adhesive hat sizer as well. It is a band sticking to the inner part of the hat for a snug fit. You can add up to two sizers along the circumference of the cap to have the filler size fit that you desire.

Summing Up

Cancer is a complex disease, and its treatment makes way for similar side effects. Hair loss is one of them. Therefore, the hat manufacturers and brands realise the need of the cancer fighters and prepare special chemo caps to do away with their loss.

It helps them go out without worry with a cover over their head, ensuring the person’s emotional well-being. These hats are here as your saviour!

Ester Adams

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