Choosing Perfect Poster Frames To Match In Style And Color

Whether it is to attach a frame to a poster from a concert, movie or a show, you can select from a variety of styles and colors when it comes to frames. Technically, the size of the frame should be perfect and complement the poster in terms of colors and shapes. Before selecting the frame, you need to find out the following.

  • The measurements of the poster
  • Do you want a frame in the same accent or contrast it with the art?
  • Do you want a unique frame or something that blends in with the requirement?
  • Do you want the frame in matte shades?

Things to remember

When choosing a poster frame, you must keep in mind that the frame needs to be of a standard size. You need to measure the art itself as the slightest problem in measurement can make the frame look weird.

Choosing wood or metal frame

There are several perceptions people have about metal or wooden frames.  However, it is not just the physical requirements you need to have in mind but the stylistic aspects that should determine your choice. Metal is a better option if you want a bright and vibrant color. On the other hand, the wooden frames come with an earthy hue. Therefore, you need to choose a wooden frame for your poster if you have posters in bright shades.

Black and white frames

The black and white frames are timeless and appropriate for conveying a formal or elegant look.  While a black frame highlights the darker features, a light-colored frame makes the dark elements in the picture to stand out. Some people prefer getting poster frames in solid colors. Choosing the frame depends on whether you want to create an artistic or a stylish feel.

Read the points below and choose a poster frame quickly:

  • You must not focus too much on the colors of the frame; instead consider the overall image when choosing the frame.
  • Matching the frame is like aligning it to the décor of the room or the set up in commercial premises. A poster conveys a different message when at home and the meaning changes entirely when you hang it on the wall of a commercial establishment.
  • The color of the frame should not be an exact match to the wall.
  • The color of the frame must not steal the attention of the viewers from the poster.

Art of different shape:

The poster may come in rectangular shapes but the art on the poster may be of different shapes. The rat can be in circular shapes or blocks, so the frame you order must complement the picture on the poster and highlight it adequately.

Thickness of the frame

What goes into designing whether the frame is thick or thin? For instance, you may need to buy a frame for a giant movie poster. You need to choose a thin frame if you design a poster with a big picture. Similarly, if the display space in less, you need to go for narrow frames. Overall, the designs on posters determine the size of the frame you need.


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