Choosing the Perfect Gin to Suit Your Needs

Since the pandemic has made it almost impossible for many people to go out to chill, they look for other ways to help get rid of their thoughts about stress and problems. Others might take an interest in becoming a gin connoisseur since it is becoming a huge trend for many people who want to explore the world of alcohol.

If you plan on buying your very first gin at a gin distillery, you need to know how to choose the perfect one. Randomly buying a gin bottle off the convenience store’s shelf is not a good idea because it might be manufactured from low-quality distilleries. You can keep in mind different tips and tricks to ensure you buy the right product.

Tip #1: Widen Your Knowledge About Gin

The first tip you should learn about buying the perfect gin is to expand your knowledge about it. Whether you are interested in it only as a hobby or you want it to be your passion, gathering as much information as possible is always essential. The better you understand gin, the more you get to appreciate its existence and value.

You can also find other gin enthusiasts around social media like Twitter who share their knowledge and insight about gin. It is one of the best places to ask questions about gin since you can get a reply to your question right away. Use the information you have gathered to narrow your searches on what gin you would want for yourself.

Tip #2: Pricing is Always Everything

Note that an expensive gin should not be your first choice all the time if you want to taste the high-quality gin. Many well-known gin distilleries can sell you high-quality gin at affordable prices. You can only buy an expensive gin brand when you have money to spare that will not negatively affect other aspects of your daily budget.

Tip #3: Quality and Taste Matters

Usually, the best place to taste high-quality gin is visiting a local gin distillery and looking at how they produce their product. They might even have a formal tour of the entire distillery so that people can learn more about the place. However, there is a huge chance that some local distilleries cannot provide tours or let anyone in due to Covid-19.

Fortunately, you have the option to visit the distillery’s website and take a look at the products they have to offer in the comfort of your home. Some websites might also have a virtual tour and take you on a journey on how everything works at their distillery. Their website can give you enough information that can help you decide which gin is suitable for you. Once you have an idea of what you prefer, you can also check out online shops that offer gin delivery like Garden Street.

Tip #4: Consider the Bottle and Label Design

After finishing your first ever bottle of gin, you might want to display it on a liquor cabinet or in your room because it signifies the start of your journey to becoming a gin hobbyist. You need to gather different gin bottles, label designs, and compare each one of them to which ones will be best to display. While choosing its physical appearance, do not forget that you also have to consider the gin’s taste and quality.

There is nothing better than tasting high-quality gin the first time because the taste will stick with you forever. You can research and choose the best gin distillery for your first gin purchase. The above tips will help you in choosing the best quality of gin according to your requirements.

Ester Adams

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