Best WordPress plugins of 2022

Best WordPress plugins of 2022

Having a sleek-looking, professional, yet elegant website is practically a must nowadays. To be honest, you can’t achieve that without a few great plugins. You can put an innovative theme and hope for the best, but that’s not even close to a complete website.

It would help if you had plugins; the sooner you realize that, the better for you and your business.

Now, every site deserves some fantastic plugins, isn’t that right?  There are many of them in the WordPress universe, and no one has the time to test them all and see what works the best.

The ones that we have chosen for you today are that every business can benefit from it. No matter if you are focused on selling, educating, transferring, or just for a regular blog.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

1.WP Reset

WP Reset

The first tool on our list is the WordPressP Reset plugin – a tool that is so versatile but yet so simple in its core. It is a plugin that can help you install other plugins at once or deleting everything from your site. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Shall we dive a little bit deeper? We sure will.

The first fantastic feature is the Collection ones. You can create a collection, add as many tools as you want, and install them at once. It is time-consuming to install them one by one. It takes up over an hour if you have more than ten plugins and themes. You can spend that time in a much better way.

You can create as many collections as you want and add as many tools as you need to them. The collections will be up in the cloud if you ever decide to need them again for a different site.

Besides, you can also delete everything off of your site with the Nuclear Button. We all know how a demo theme leaves a lot of junk files on your site. And the cleaning up process is terrible and exhausting. With this button, you can delete everything from files, custom database entries to options and tables. Not a single crumb will be left on your site.

Now, what if you ever update a plugin, and everything goes downhill? Yup that can happen any time. And there is no undo button on WordPress.

Luckily for you, with the help of WP Reset, you can actually go back in time to the moment before you decided to update the plugin.

It is because the tool will create an automatic Snapshot before any vital change on your website. That way, if you mess up badly, you just click on the restore snapshot option, and your problem will be gone.

2. Wiremo

Wiremo is a product review plugin that allows you to search and host reviews of various products. When you install this plugin, it will allow you to create and submit your own reviews of different products so that other people in your industry can find and read them. If the plugin is popular enough, then it will be featured prominently on the site for everyone to see.
By creating a custom exam box, you can present all the product information that is important to your visitors, including a link to purchase the product. Review schema markup is also automatically included, so you can show star ratings in the search results.

3.WP Sticky

WP Sticky

The second place on our list goes to WP Sticky. It is a plugin that will help you create sticky elements on your website.

Don’t you love when you scroll the page, but the menu keeps following you? If you want to go to any other part of a site, the menu is right there. There is no need to scroll up all the time because of that guy following you around.

That’s called a sticky menu. It is a practically glued menu to one place on the site, and no matter how long you scroll, it will stay there. You do not think about that often, but it seems odd as soon as you enter a site without it.

With WP Sticky, you can make any element a sticky one. From menus, navigations to widgets, anything is possible to stick.

The process of doing that is blazing fast. It only takes a minute or less, and there is no coding required. There is no coding because you can pick the elements you want to stick visually with your mouse cursor. It has a button by the name “Pick an element,” It will open your site when you click it. You will choose which element you want, and that’s it.

And no worries, the plugin is compatible with any other.

4. Cooming soon plugin

Cooming soon plugin

The third plugin on our list is the Coming soon plugin. The name says it all. It is a plugin that will help you create your coming soon page in a matter of minutes.

If you are starting a new website, but you are already an established business, your customers will most likely search for your site. But the catch is that your website isn’t yet active. They will be sad to see the white screen or an error—That’s where a coming soon page comes in handy.

The plugin offers over 170 unique and beautiful templates that are waiting for you. And all of them are professional and easily customizable, which means you can play around with an existing theme and make it your own.

The themes are, of course, beautifully designed with some incredible color schemes, pictures, and text.

Besides, if you want to use different photos than those provided in the theme, you can search up within the plugin. They have over a million high-quality royal-free images that will impress your visitors by a mile!

And, the tool has the best in class SEO Setup already. Everybody needs organic traffic, even from the start. So, no worries, this tool will improve your SEO for sure!

5. WP 301 Redirects

WP 301 Redirects

The fourth spot on this list goes to WP 301 Redirects. It is a plugin that will help you fix wrong and old links.

One of the most disturbing problems that can cause SEO Issues is old links. And it takes you a lifetime to guess that that can be a problem. If the link is bad or has a typo in the URL lead, you can have a massive loss of conversions, traffic, and users. Do not let your visitor hit a dead end. Nobody likes that.

If somebody mistypes your link, let’s say they miss one single letter, they will hit the 404 pages. Well, with WP 301 Redirects, you can fix that kind of problem. No matter how they mistype your URL, they will still be redirected to the site they wanted to see in the first place.

The same goes for if you changed your URL structure or just need a friendly outgoing affiliate link. With this tool in your hand, you can manage all of that.

Besides, this plugin will monitor every post or page URL of yours. As soon as an URL changes, they will automatically create a redirect rule. That way, you do not have to touch a thing. This tool will take care of everything.

6. GMaps Widget

GMaps Widget

And for the last plugin on our list, we have GMaps Widget. It is a tool that will let you put a map on your site without any problem.

Sometimes a simple address on your website is not enough for your customers. Some people are just more of a visual type and need to see it to remember it.

Why not give them a solution with a Map? With this tool, you can put a map on your site under two minutes after having the plugin. You can also take advantage of directions, street views, and a lot more.

And the map doesn’t have to be a boring one. You can customize it the way you want so that it matches your website’s overall look. It will fit perfectly like it is a part of your site.

And if you want, you can create as many maps as you wish and add as many pins on it as you need. The sky is the only limit here.

The plugin is also mobile responsive. That way, your customers can easily enjoy the maps via their mobile devices. It is essential to cater to all of your customers!

7. Subscription for WooCommerce


Subscription businesses are booming today. By going subscription mode, you will be able to ensure a steady stream of recurring revenue for your business. With WooCommerce you can do it simply by adding the Subscription for WooCommerce plugin to your store.

It is one of the best options among the currently available WooCommerce subscription plugins. It comes with a wide variety of features that make both selling and managing subscriptions an easy task.

With the plugin you can enable subscriptions for both simple and variable products. Get more people to purchase subscriptions by offering free trials. Offer recurring discounts to boost the renewal rate.

You can also set up sign-up fee regardless of the actual price of the subscription products, synchronize subscription payments and enable proration of charges to make subscription management easy.


In the end, we must say, plugins are a lifesaver. They will elevate your site to a new level and give your competitors a run for their money. From a tool that will allow you to go back in time to the one that will put you on the MAP, you can have it


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