How Revolutionary VR Apps Are Disrupting Every Industry

How Revolutionary VR Apps Are Disrupting Every Industry

Every VR app literally transports users to new places to experience things they may never have the opportunity to otherwise. Additionally, all of these opportunities amount to a wealth of experiences which immediately leads to a better understanding of the world.

The true start of the new era of VR didn’t begin until 2015 and even by then, people were still on the fence about the legitimacy of the technology. 

Now it couldn’t be any more different as people from all walks of life enjoy the experiences offered by VR. VR technologies are used in all sorts of ways across a full spectrum of industries that range from healthcare to home goods.

VR healthcare and VR surgery

People travel from all over the country to get the best healthcare they can. They track down the best-rated hospitals, the best-reviewed doctors, and surgeons with the most prestigious background.

Travel is just one facet of the rising cost of healthcare. People in rural areas, people in developing nations, and people with mobility issues have trouble finding the healthcare they need.

Doctors everywhere, all the time

Virtual reality is changing the reality of medicine — quite literally. Before it may have been impossible to visit a therapist, check in with a physician, and get pregnancy advice from an obstetrician without living your home or even your town. 

Telemedicine has become increasingly popular as an affordable and accessible healthcare option. Virtual reality has made all but teleportation a reality. In 2016, the first VR surgery was* performed. While you may find the prospect of virtual reality surgery immensely terrifying, it was a stunning success, spawning other medical reality technologies and proliferating VR as a surgical tool.

Mental health is health

These VR solutions to medical attention are already revolutionizing how we approach healthcare in the first place. Instead of putting the work into the patient, doctors can use the VR platform to consult with patients and perform operations that could change lives and probably save them. 

The same is true for the service VisitU which prioritizes anxiety treatments for patients who suffer from several mental issues. This makes it easier for people to find appropriate help and feel better about getting the help that they need.

Traveling the globe at home

Traveling for the sake of healthcare can sometimes be prohibitively expensive, but, ultimately, necessary. While traveling for the sake of enrichment is good for the spirit, it’s not an absolute necessity. As such, we often find ourselves putting off trips, tabling backpacking adventures for another, more viable day.

Travel VR apps have made transporting yourself to another world entirely possible. While Epcot attempted to sample flavors of the world, the theme park is a shallow shadow when compared to virtual reality applications produced by Google, Discovery Channel, and YouTube VR can quite literally transport users to an entirely real world.

Social media in an era of mixed reality

Social interactions and community-generated content can be shared with apps like YouTube VR and Samsung Milk VR which provide endless amounts of VR content to be enjoyed by as many users as possible. 

These vast libraries contain experiences that change the way we interact with our interactive media. VR, even in its early stages, has already produced some revolutionary technologies in the fields of travel and medicine. While there is still plenty of road to travel, VR has already burst onto the scene with incredible and life-altering technologies that will only improve with time. 

However, even in this short amount of time, VR has already produced revolutionary technologies that change the game entirely by providing a new realm of possibility not previously imaginable. One such revolution is the process of VR surgery which has already been completed once and shows great promise for the future. 

This type of digital medical work would be great for patients who live too far from any reputable medical institutions or don’t have the money to go in person. Shifting gears to something more entertaining but still important, Google Expeditions uses VR differently by allowing users to go anywhere in the world and view it from a new perspective. 

The VR travel app provides users with the unique opportunity of discovering the wonders of the world without leaving their computer phones. The same is true with the Discovery VR app which gives users unprecedented looks into the true nature of our planet. 


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