How do I Start a Career in Machine Learning?

How do I Start a Career in Machine Learning?

Ever since technology and digitalization have evolved, it has given rise to new ways of working and living our lives. New technological trends such as artificial intelligence and data science are on the rise over the years and will see enormous growth. With better internet services and the evolution of smart devices, our ways of living and working have changed drastically. Even these high-tech devices are referred to as “Smart” because of artificial intelligence and machine learning forming strong support.

In fact, machine learning has become so popular that it revolves around us in our everyday life. Do you wonder how the music apps recommend music based on your personal interests? Or you might get curious about how the least used mails are moved in spam folders. If yes, then the answer to all of these queries is machine learning and artificial intelligence. Google assistants and amazon Alexa are even popular examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This shows the solid adoption of machine learning across industries. In fact, professionals are taking a machine learning course in Pune to step into this field. It clearly proves that machine learning can be the best career choice for professionals. Read the rest of the article to find out how you can begin a career in machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the branch of artificial intelligence(AI) that works in finding hidden information and insights from big data for different purposes. It is aimed at improving the accuracy of processes over time without the need to program them again.

The algorithm is a process of finding new patterns and trends in a data set. So, in machine learning, the algorithms are trained to learn from the data sets. Then, this information is used for predictions and decisions based on new data. Keep in mind that the algorithm should be as effective as possible because it will deliver more accurate information thereafter.

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How to Start a Career in Machine Learning?

The steps to build up a career in machine learning are briefed below:

  • Machine learning basics

Whenever you start any new stream of your career, the very initial step is to familiarize yourself with the basics. Since it set the foundation for all aspects of the career, it is very important for the professional to gain expertise in this aspect.

  • Be curious

Sometimes, it’s the curiosity that forms the root cause of any profession. When an individual is curious, they are automatically keen to know more about it. Hence it makes them move towards more efficient work and deliver a high-quality performance. The key is to stay curious as far as possible because it will help you brainstorm different business challenges.

  •  Learn holistically!

Machine learning is a blend of statistics, mathematics, and technology. So make sure you gain proficiency in all of these aspects. The reason is that all are correlated with each other, which directly influences the quality of results also.

  • Team-work

For a professional today, be it machine learning or any other field, it is essential for them to be a team player.  Being a team player plays an important part that will help you to collaborate with different people and strive for a win-win relationship.

  • Data analysis

Data analysis can surely help the professional to identify the patterns of data. Also, it helps you to differentiate between the data that works well or not.

  • Learn programming languages and libraries

Programming languages play an important role in designing machine learning algorithms. Python and TensorFlow are majorly used for this purpose. Later on, you can also learn ScikitLearn as well.

  • Take up an online course

All the skills required for machine learning form an essential part of the job. Therefore, the professional must make sure that they learn all the skills well enough. The mentioned skills can be learned from different resources by yourself. Even you also might have learned that in your graduation. But, it often happens that people have different graduation backgrounds that may not have all the skills required for machine learning. This can cause ambiguity and hence lead to uncertain work. So, one most convenient and cost-effective approach is to opt for online courses that are specially designed for professionals that have busy schedules. Not only that, it keeps in mind that students can come from a different educational background, and hence every topic is covered in a holistic approach. Even they have industry experts that make you aware of the real-life challenges and guide you towards a better career path.

  • Gain knowledge of the industry you want to work in
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Often while switching to a new career trend, it is significant for the professional to gain complete knowledge of the job industries. Different industries offer a variety of opportunities, so it is important for the professional to do the research well enough. Professionals should do their research deeply so that they must know what exactly machine learning has to offer in different areas.


Machine Learning has been adopted widely all across the world. According to Gartner, around 37% of all companies reviewed are utilizing some type of ML in their business and it is anticipated that around 80% of modern advances will be founded on AI and ML by 2022. Clearly, it will produce more work opportunities for the professionals. Hence, for professionals already existing in the tech background or fresh graduates looking for tech opportunities, machine learning is definitely not an option to miss out on.

Do your research well and find out what suits your career needs well. Then start your career in machine learning by enrolling yourself in an online course, that will make sure that you learn all the things well.

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