How VR and AR Are Disrupting Incumbent Industries

How VR and AR Are Disrupting Incumbent Industries

New technologies are creating a whole new market. By allowing companies to increase their productivity and create better products, they have changed the world as we see it. However, they are causing a massive job disruption.

As employers need new tech skills to remain competitive, people whose skills are becoming unnecessary are losing their jobs. For example, many cashiers have been displaced by automated self-checkout machines.

In the manufacturing industry, robots are causing operators to lose their jobs. But, automation is not the only one affecting incumbent industries. Virtual reality and augmented reality are also changing how companies operate.

Several companies invest huge amounts of money in VR, as they believe it will change the future. A few years ago, using a device to interact with holograms was a sci-fi thing; today it is real thanks to VR. So, here’s how VR and AR are affecting incumbent industries.

Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, VR is being used for different kinds of purposes. For example, it has been used to train aspiring surgeons as it can now be used during surgeries. A few years ago, VR just allowed people to watch operations from the point of view of surgeons. But, now companies like ImmersiveTouch offer VR solutions not only to train aspiring surgeons but to sharpen their skills.

VR solutions have proven to be more productive and better than traditional training methods. Aspirants can immerse themselves in a digital environment pretty similar to reality. Furthermore, virtual reality has been used in relaxing patients. As it’s quite a good solution to control anxiety, it helps nurses and doctors to control patients’ emotions.

On the other hand, these technologies are not only helping doctors during surgery. Also, companies like AccuVein have developed sophisticated products to improve patients’ care. For example, their AccuVein AV500 uses AR to draw a “roadmap” of veins. With a bright green projection, nurses can see where veins are located. As they no longer stick patients “blind,” patients feel more comfortable during IV procedures.

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In the healthcare sector, AR mobile apps are also playing an important role. By using a smartphone’s camera, EyeDecide’s app allows doctors to simulate the impact of many disorders on a patient’s vision. As a result, they are able to educate patients with age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Online Retail Industry

The online retail industry is playing a vital role these days. As companies gather valuable information from their customers, they can design better products and provide better experiences. Many companies are using AR to enhance users’ experience.

Mobile developers from companies like IKEA have implemented AR features into the company’s app. By using their phone’s camera, customers can have a 3D visualization of any product. They can virtually place furniture in a space and see how it matches their decorations.

Sephora is another company that has used AR features to attract more customers. Sephora allows its customers to see how cosmetics look on them before they buy. So, they can ask for opinions to see which products look better.

Augmented reality is helping retail companies reduce the number of returned products. As customers can ‘try-before-you-buy,’ they know if a product can meet their expectations. As AR is transforming retail’s future, more companies are hiring candidates with coding skills.

If you’re looking to stay relevant and increase your job opportunities, you can learn Python. It’s made for beginners as it’s the easiest programming language to learn. Python can be used for different purposes, from building a website to building advanced algorithms and analyzing and interpreting data.

Thinkful is a coding school that offers several online courses where you can learn Python skills. The company allows you to learn from the best instructors to become an attractive candidate for any employer.

Thinkful helps its students to deal with tuition expenses; by providing different financing options, students can focus on learning. After completing any Thinkful’s course, you’ll be ready to land a new tech job and to face future challenges.

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Video Game Industry

Nowadays, customers feel engaged when they have immersive experiences. As they can dive into a very realistic digital environment, they can feel intense emotions. The video game industry is being transformed by virtual reality and augmented reality. Companies like Sony are developing VR games to attract and retain more customers.

For example, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is among the best PSVR games. Gamers can immerse themselves in a scary environment where they must fight their way through the Baker mansion. As the game offers great visuals, it is one of the most high-profile games in the market.

Travel Industry

In the travel industry, many companies are adopting the VR/AR method. As they can provide guests with virtual tours, they can make them feel engaged. However, they are not only being used to make tours. Also, as many travelers struggle to communicate, Google has developed an app to do real-time translations.

Google Lens allows users to translate short and long text in real-time. By pointing their phone’s camera, users will see how texts are translated into their primary or any other language. On the other hand, some companies are using VR to improve their booking process.

Virtual booking interfaces allow users to have a mind-blowing experience while selecting a destination, flight, and even adding services. In fact, they are changing the way travelers make trips these days. As companies provide more personalized experiences, virtual booking interfaces are helping companies to engage next-generation travelers.


These incumbent industries are being significantly affected by virtual reality and augmented reality. Companies are creating new job vacancies as these technologies are creating a whole new market. If you’re willing to stay relevant, getting familiar with emerging technologies will be essential. Remember that new technologies are helping companies to take a step into the future.


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