Five Online Games That Are Next To Stress-Killers

Five Online Games That Are Next To Stress-Killers

Ask ANY gamer, and they will likely tell you that they love gaming because it helps them relax (guilty as charged).

That might be hard to imagine for the unacquainted, even more so because gaming as we know it – resembles none of the activities associated with leisure and recreation. immortal smp

I asked myself the exact same question every time I see my nephew sulk over a game of Battleland Royal, and even my dear mother aggressively tapping her screen to get the fruits moving on Candy Crush.

But the self-proclaimed gaming veteran that I am, I duly stand by the claim! After day-long meetings at work or clearing up the kitchen after dinner, it’s great to be able to kick back, zone out, and pop in a game to mellow out.

The undeniable truth is that gaming is a stress-free pastime – and there’s a lot more to it.

Science Says Video Games Do Relieve Stress – Here’s How

According to the University of Saskatchewan professor Regan Mandryk, video games aren’t just a mindless way to kill time.

New research suggests that video games empower a person’s ability to escape from real-world problems. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

But there’s more.

Not only do video games allow you to psychologically detach from real-world hardships, but they also give you a sense of greater control over the environment. Combined, these comprise the primary goal of stress-relief activities.  

The same research also finds that people who said they played games to cope with stress also display lower levels of fatigue when dealing with daily challenges.

So, what are some games that were made for instant stress relief?

Whether you’re a fan of Solitaire or crave a challenging jigsaw puzzle every now and then, there are a plethora of relaxation games online that fit the bill.  

To help you narrow it down, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite online games that are next to stress-relievers. So if you’re looking for video games that are perfect to pass a quiet afternoon, you’ve come to the right spot.

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Let’s kick it off with a fan favorite:  

1.   Home Sheep Home

Sleepless nights and restless dreams, we’ve all counted sheep in bed hoping to fall asleep sooner – and Home Sheep Home hits right home (pun intended).

Home Sheep Home started out as an animated series by Aardman Animations and is now an adorable puzzler that you can find on the Shaun the Sheep website.  

The game comes naturally to anyone fond of challenges and obstacle courses. The game’s three main characters comprise of tiny Timmy, medium-sized Shaun, and a slightly overweight Shirley.

Your job? It’s to get the three sheep overusing the see-saws, swings, ramps, switches, and steps.

The characters are adorable, and the game is simple enough to catch on to; Home Sheep Home will have you hooked in no time?

2.   Let Me Grow

Avid gardeners and city-confined nature enthusiasts are bound to love Let Me Grow, which is an online gardening game that makes watering your plants the new obstacle course.

Available among other fantastic games in the library on Unlimited Gamez Mo, Let me Grow asks players to water-thirsty flowers by removing anicuts blocking the water pipes.

You’ll have the opportunity to try different taps and flow directions to make sure water gets to the plants at the right time.

Want your flowers to bloom again? Finding the right combination gets more challenging every time. Don’t wet the garden gnomes, and you’re sure to find this game lovable as it is challenging.

3.   Drifting Afternoon

Ferry Halim is a genius in the gaming world, and Drifting Afternoon is, by far, some of his very best work. The game is as mesmerizing as it sounds, with watercolor visuals and pastelic graphics lulling even the keenest of eyes.  

So, how does it play? Drifting Afternoon is set on a cold, breezy an afternoon where you have to jump your pet (kitten or puppy) from one balloon to another as they drift by.  

It might sound simple, but it comes with a catch: you’re timed! You get points for every balloon you land on and bonus points if you manage to jump over! Every now and then, you’ll even find a special balloon that tops up your time.

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This game is surely a sight for sore eyes. If you’re a first-time mom, your child will definitely love playing this game with you.

4.   Tenacity

Tenacity is a gaming app that primarily focuses on helping its players relax and focus in on distressing from the noise of everyday life.  

As a player of this game, you have to count your breaths while simultaneously exploring environments like the Greek ruins or the Egyptian dunes.

By tapping in rhythm to your breaths, Tenacity compels you to zone out distractions and take a step back from reality.  As the game progresses, players face increasingly harder distractions in the environments, such as birds flying by.

Tenacity is definitely a game out of the ball-park, but still being able to reign in the relaxation associated with breath control.  

5.   Bubble Wrap

When I order online, I absolutely anticipate packages that come in bubble wrap – which makes bubble wrap such a nostalgic experience.

Not only is Bubble Wrap a great game for relieving stress, but it’s also great for killing time – especially if you’re stuck waiting in long lines or in traffic. Simply tap on the bubbles you want to pop and make them explode. So if you get easily frustrated and need to vent out, this game is ideal for you.  

As far as game progression goes, you can choose to either pop bubbles for as long as you want, or opt for more competition with a mini-game.

With all said, Bubble Wrap is a spectacular show of colorful graphics and sweet sound effects that will melt your heart – bringing back memories of a childhood not yet forgotten.

The Wrap Up

The games mentioned above are only some of my favorite games to alleviate anxiety and induce a more relaxed, stress-free day. Not only are they a fun way to pass the time, but they offer the perfect break from a long day on the grind.

Consider trying out any of these stress-relieving games and take a breather! We all need one once in a while.  

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