Top  Feature of best Mobile Tracker App

Top  Feature of best Mobile Tracker App

What’s the first thing to check in the morning and what’s the last thing you put off your hands before sleep?. Well, mobile phone. Do you know why mobile trackers have got so much attention in recent times?. That’s because besides communication the cellphone has so many other uses that directly affect our everyday life. Nowadays cellphone is used for a variety of purposes like some people use them for the sake of knowledge and reading, while others may use them for entertainment, gaming, music, etc. It is important to mention here that the above-mentioned uses of a cellphone are the most general one and there is much more to add.

So for a multipurpose cellphone, there should be a tool that can handle the sensitivity of this gadget and OgyMogy mobile tracker fits best to this demand. The monitoring software offer tons of extraordinary features that make it the best spy app for android.

Some of the finest features offered by the app are as follows.

Access To Phone Log Book

The spy app lets the user have remote access to the phone logbook of the target person. That way users can know all about incoming and outgoing call records with complete timestamp information. This is an excellent feature to know about teen phone history or if one wants to know about any client and employee call details.

Power to Block Any Suspicious Call

In case you find any suspicious or unidentified number in the target device then you have the power to block as well. Thanks to the spy app now you can make sure the safety of your teen or employees by blocking any irrelevant call the right way.

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Listen To The Target Surroundings Chats and Discussions

Another useful feature offered by the mobile tracker is the mic bug feature. It bugs the mic of the target android device thus one can listen to all the surrounding sounds and chats easily with the help of this feature.

Multiple Platform Option

No need to worry about the budget issue. As you can now monitor more than one device with a single license. That way you can simply keep an eye on the teen through their laptop and desktop as well at the same time without any worries or pain.

Reliable Data Backup

It can be used as a reliable data backup source as well. Being a cloud-based app, all the data is stored on the online web portal of the OgyMogy mobile tracker app. That way users can remotely access the portal at any given time and can even download the data to the device if they want.

Spy On The MMS

Spy on the text message log or MMS record of the target with the help of the text log and MMS spy feature.

Live Location Alert

The live location alert feature is one of the most needed features and can be used by multiple kinds of users. One can know about the real-time pinpoint location of the target in real-time with the help of the GPS location tracking feature. Along with real-time tracking, you can check the history of whereabouts or movements of the target as well. This way know about all the secret hideout places of the teenager or monitor the whereabouts of the outdoor activities of the employees.

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Virtual Safe And Restricted Zone

Mark a virtual safe or restricted zone on google Maps with mobile tracker app and make sure you get notified right away whenever the target is around the marked zones.

Track Change Of SimChip

This feature can be used to track any illegal activity through the company-owned device as a change of sim chip can be reported to the user right away. You can even track all the data of the newly inserted sim chip as well.

Remote Control Of The Device

Have remote control of the target device with a mobile tracker and know about all the installed apps. You can even block or unblock certain apps.

Don’t get shy just give it a try and am sure you will love this latest technology. All you need to do is visit the page of the mobile tracker app and select your favorite package to install.


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