Top 10 Content Writing Agencies in India

Top 10 Content Writing Agencies in India

The increasing demand for digitalization has propelled the Indian content writing industry forward at a dizzying rate. Thanks to online marketing, the need for skilled writers to provide website content has skyrocketed in recent years. This blog will compile a directory of India’s best professional content writing services.

The Best 10 Indian Content Writing Companies

Let us look at the best content writing services in the country.

1. Italics

Italics provides high-quality material in several different fields, and they have clients in over 2,000 locations across 12 countries. Many reputable companies, such as Dabur Airtel, UpGrad, Muthoot Finance, Razorpay, Maruti Suzuki, etc., are among their long-standing customers.

The firm provides 21 distinct material forms alongside supplementary offerings like graphic design for its clientele. They are proud to be well-known as a leading copywriting firm thanks to the thoroughness of their work. They provide various content creation services, including blog posts, social media posts, editing, optimized search engine material, website content, and graphic design.

2. Content Whale

The youthful writers at Content Whale in Mumbai focus on four critical types of writing: articles and blogs, technical writing, copywriting, and website content.

This content writing service has been helpful in 42 different niches and 13+ industries. Quikr and Dentsu Webchutney are just two of their many satisfied customers. They also include a cost calculator on their website.

3. Scatter

Scatter, which debuted in 2015, provides clients with completely managed content writing services by tapping into a large pool of freelance and full-time authors. The company is particularly well-known for the success of the content marketing software it developed in-house. This software allows for the administration of workflows, content automation, and asset tracking.

This content writing firm has its main office in Mumbai, but it also has branches in New Delhi, Bengaluru, and the United Arab Emirates. Scatter became well-known after it won the contract to localize content for the Indian market on Salesforce’s behalf.

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4. Pepper Content

From humble beginnings in their BITS Pilani dormitory, co-founders Anirudh Singla and Rishabh Shekhar have grown their company into one of India’s largest fully managed marketplaces connecting authors, editors, and brands. In just a few short years, this Indian content writing firm has amassed a clientele of thousands and more. 

More than 50,000 independent content creators from around the globe have applied to work for Pepper Content. Swiggy, ID Fresh Food, Cars24, HealthifyMe, etc., are among the list of satisfied customers. In addition, they are one of the few companies in India that provide podcast and scriptwriting services.

5. Write Right

Ahmedabad-based Providers of site content, advertising material, and other marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses are what Write Right does best. Additionally, they assist students who aspire to study abroad craft stellar statements of purpose.

Along the same lines, they also offer resume writing services to professionals in various fields. Bhavik Sarkhedi, the company’s founder, has written for publications like HuffPost and YourStory. The company’s 50+ writer team has helped over 1200 clients across all industries.

6. Text Mercato

TextMercato’s reputation in the Indian content market has grown thanks to the company’s work with notable clients, including Myntra, Amazon, Urban Ladder, and Cleartrip. The Bangalore-based startup has devoted editors, writers, and managers and has received funding to get started. This content writing service has developed an all-inclusive, open-source order tracking and freelancer assignment distribution system.

7. Godot Media 

Godot Media provides complete, scalable content management solutions for clients in over 20 countries worldwide. Most of the workers there are full-timers. Thus, the company handles a tremendous volume of work for clients, including Sotheby’s, AES International, and many others worldwide.

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Regarding material, Godot Media has covered no matter what field you work in. Narrato, their sibling company, is a content marketplace where customers can order custom-written articles individually rather than having to assemble a whole creative staff.

8. Justwords

Localized in Gurugram, Justwords Homify, HDFC Ergo, the Boston Consulting Group, and many more rely on JustWords for premium digital content. Companies that need further help with the content management cycle also offer robust SEO solutions.

The content writing agency has been in business for more than a decade, during which time it has built a tight-knit network of creative minds to offer comprehensive content solutions. Among their many accomplishments is two years’ worth of Google Awards wins (2014 and 2015).

9. Coffeegraphy

Coffeegraphy, a top content agency founded by three women, provides 20 content writing services to clients in numerous sectors, such as the e-learning, real estate, IT, and travel industries.

Small and medium-sized businesses are among their satisfied customers. They have a small team of freelance writers who consistently produce high-quality work for their clients and several editing teams who double-check their work. Coffeegraphy welcomes freelancers, full-time employees, and everyone in between.

10. Inksplore

Inksplore, a company that employs 40 or more specialized writers, has produced more than 35,000 pieces of material since its inception. They make exciting material for many audiences and collaborate closely with several startups and small businesses.

This Indian content company also provides students with academic writing assistance. The seven-year-old Inksplore team includes both in-house and remote authors. In addition to providing branding solutions, they also offer logo and brochure design services.


Thanks to the rising demand for digitization, content writing company in India have grown at a breathtaking rate. The need for Indian content writers is not confined to any region but spans the globe.

As localization becomes more important, the content writing environment will expand to include support for languages other than English. Professional content writing services have become the norm for providing high-quality material for online and offline audiences.

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