Corporate Awards And Recognition Programs: How To Create The Best Ones

Corporate Awards And Recognition Programs: How To Create The Best Ones

Are you thinking about implementing a corporate award and recognition program? Are you unsure about the options? Aren’t you able to select the proper employee recognition program for your organization?

Here are all the needed pieces of information that will help you to get a clearer view of your options. And this will also help you to choose the best ones that will make your employee and overall organization feel good.

What Are Corporate Awards And Recognition Programs?

Employee recognition programs are those activities that an employer takes in order to recognize, reward, and appreciate employees for their good and hard work. Often this employee recognition program also includes rewarding employees. That is why it is called Employee Award and Recognition Programs.

In previous days, most of the employee recognition and appreciation programs were informal, like the employee of the month programs and giving custom award plaques or thank you programs. But in recent days, organizations are implementing more formal but at the same time more fun ways to appreciate and recognize their quality employees.

How To Choose The Best Employee Recognition Programs

Several factors will determine which employee recognition program will be appropriate for your organization. Those factors are,

  • The total budget that you will be able to invest.
  • The total number of employees your organization has.
  • The values are based on which your company is running.
  • The proper type of culture that your company has.
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When it comes to employee recognition, there is nothing that will fit for all. So, the secret of a proper employee recognition program is adjusting to the needs and wants of your employees. And in order to do so, you can perform a survey of your employees about their likings in being recognized.

Positive Promotions badge holders and badge reels are ideal for thanking employees for their efforts or welcoming new employees to your company. Keep lanyards on hand to outfit employees at trade shows, conferences, and company outings, along with sturdy clips for security IDs and name tags. Every day of the year, the full-color messages honour their dedication and foster teamwork.

Create a list of different employee recognition ideas and ask your employees to vote. You also can ask them for additional ideas and suggestions of their own. This way, you will be able to make sure that you are rewarding your team or employee with something that they really value.

Employees Recognition Ideas Should Include

Before you implement any employee recognition program, it is really crucial to know what makes a certain employee reward and recognition successful and effective. As per data from a survey, the most effective recognition is authentic, honest, and individualized to how each employee prefers to be recognized.

In that same survey, the employees were asked to tell them about their most memorable and meaningful recognition. And the data says that 28% of the recognition often comes from their managers and followed by a higher level of leaders or the CEO and the instances are 24%.

When the employees were asked what type of recognition they get that is memorable, they emphasized four types. They are,

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1. Private Recognition.

Private recognitions include congratulatory email, newsletter, a shoutout on social media, surprise appreciation celebrations, give kudos, and lastly, run a press release.

2. Public Recognition

Public recognition will allow you to place some hidden appreciation notes around your employees’ work area, handwritten notes, an appreciation video from the CEO, thank you meeting, or home delivery of flowers or chocolates.

3. Badge Holding Lanyards 

To appreciate work ethics and productivity in the company, employers should add some incentives. But guess what! Not every appreciation is based on financial gains. You being the boss of the company can also inculcate the concept of badges, titles, and all that can make an employee work harder.  In this regard, we have an idea: introduce tags and badges with the titles. For example, “best employee of the year”, etc. To make sure the title is seen by all, you can buy lanyards from 4inlanyards.

4. Promotion

You also can reward your employee with a new job title, ask your employee to represent the organization in an event, include them in the decision-making process, give employees a special project apart from their regular responsibilities. You also can invite your employees to take part in an executive meeting.

5. Monetary Awards

You also can reward employees with a luxury vacation, a bonus, a raise, passes to an exclusive event, and offer educational opportunities.

One thing is clear that for every employee and in every situation, money is not the ultimate thing. Some small initiatives or tokens of appreciation also work pretty well.


So, now as you know your options for the corporate award and recognition program, I hope you will be able to select the best ones for you. Make sure that you are choosing those programs that will make your employees happy, along with the management of your organization.

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