The 7 best CRM systems for Every type of business

The 7 best CRM systems for Every type of business

For any business, managing customers is a top priority. It is something you can’t leave to chance because it is this aspect that the future of your business depends on. Thankfully, many CRM systems that emerged over the past decade allow your business to track sales, manage contacts, make calls, record activities, and many other crucial.

And since we’re now living in an empathetic era, where modern marketing dictates that you provide exactly what your customers require, many new CRM systems offer reporting tools, project management tools, and much more.

However, the choices are many and require different degrees of expertise. Which one of the CRM systems would suit your business?

1.   Telagus: Best Overall CRM System for Every Type of Business

If you’re looking for a CRM system that provides unparalleled business lead management and marketing automation solutions, choose Telagus – the best customer communication software.

What sets Telagus apart from the rest is its customized approach. It has all the general features that you have come to expect from a CRM, such as:

  • A robust campaign builder that provides you with a wide array of campaign options as per your needs.
  • An intuitive email marketing tool that’s easy to use and ensures that you can create personalized email marketing campaigns that give you more open rates.
  • An Easy-to-use sales pipeline tool that lets you track progress and react to changes quickly.

But as we discussed in the intro, modern CRM systems have more tools to help you better manage your business.

With Telagus, you also have many add-ons at your disposal ranging from time-tracking, call tracking, project management, invoicing, payments, and more.

It is one of the newer tools in the market but has carved its niche pretty quickly and is fit for every type of business – whether you’re just starting or have been in the field for a long time.

2.   Zoho CRM: Best CRM for growing business

As a business owner, your hope is always to keep growing. But that expansion can only be within your reach if you can manage the increasing number of customers. Zoho’s CRM system is full of features. Depending on your requirements, it also has certain add-ons that you can integrate with your Customer Relationship Management system later.

It provides standard contact and deals management services. In addition, it also has a SalesSignals utility that will inform you when your leads try to reach out through different channels. It will let you know whether people are connecting to you via social media or email, and the real-time notifications will help you create the right engagement plan.

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It can also help you better your branding efforts.

Other add-ons include SalesIQ, which will help you score your customer relationship based on your live chat sessions and customer behaviour.

You can access most of these features in the free version. However, the Enterprise plan is recommended if you’re looking for a more robust version of this CRM software. It has AI-driven features that monitor the data and suggest when to connect with your customers.

For a growing business requiring a flexible CRM system, Zoho is the one to look out for.

3.  Freshworks: CRM that you can use easily

Many Customer Relationship Systems can be intimidating. Many options, coupled with unexplained technical terms, can make managing customers seem like a nightmare. Thankfully, many CRM system developers are keeping user experience in mind.

One of these easily accessible CRM to make it to our list is Freshworks. It doesn’t matter what level of expertise you have. You can jump in at any time and check out the advanced features.

To get you started, Freshworks also provides a short tutorial. It will take you through the platform’s major features and the activities you can perform. However, it doesn’t force you to go through a tutorial. You can skip it and hop right in and start managing relationships with your customers.

It has features from user roles, email, and automation to lead watch that is a staple in all CRM. However, it takes a unique “accessible” spin on them and makes them easier to use. And If you’re stuck at any point, you can take a peek at the tutorial videos.

4.  Hubspot CRM: A Free CRM with Robust features

Hubspot’s free CRM is accessible, has multiple features, and is free. Even the free version allows unlimited users and over 1 million contacts.

Easy to use and containing features that otherwise would be paid, Hubspot is one CRM system that should be on your list.

It has a straightforward user interface. The Contacts button at the top gives you access to your contacts, companies, and activity feed. It also has tracking functionalities, lets you schedule meetings, sync your calendars with your clients, and more.

The sales tab will help you manage your tasks and documents. In contrast, the conversation tab will allow you to track your conservations of other integrated platforms such as Slack, Email, Facebook Messenger, and more.

5. Bitrix24: Affordable CRM for all businesses

If you’re looking for a free CRM that provides more straightforward functionality, Bitrix24 is a good fit. With its free plan, you can include multiple users. And with its small $1.98 plan, you can add as many users as you want.

For start-ups and business owners who want to keep their operating costs low, Bitrix24 is worth a try.

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The platform provides 24 different functions. Each function is categorized, allowing you to manage them easily.

Using the Contact record tool, you can monitor all CRM operations, including orders, quotations, and communications. You can also extend the platform’s functionality by adding third-party apps.

Bitrix also has a marketing app that you can use to create email campaigns, text campaigns, and even robocalls. Accessing leads is easy on Bitrix with CRM marketing. It lets you select the leads and clients that have gone through or have abandoned the marketing funnel.

Like most CRMs, Bitrix takes a no-code approach. Just click, drag and manage relationships with your customers.

6.  Agile CRM: For the marketing focused

If you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level, Agile CRM is a great choice. It takes care of both marketing and helps you affordably perform better sales.

If you have a small team that closely works together, AGILE CRM provides customization options that let you fine-tune each team member’s functions. For instance, you can give your marketing wiz access to the campaigns and the results but restrict access to the invoice.

It provides the easiest method to create contacts. Just enter the first name, and you’re done. And if you take a more hands-on approach to score the leads, AGILE allows you to rate your contacts manually.

Creating campaigns is the reason behind AGILE’s success. Before you begin, AGILE will give you the option to choose from the campaign type. It can be SaaS, eCommerce, social, or anything else.

It also allows you to set up automated responses for follow-up emails based on what the customers do.

7.  Streak: Best choice for GMAIL users

Are you the type of person that thinks Gmail is too good to be left behind?

Streak is right up your alley. It integrates with your inbox and manages all the tasks, contacts, deals, and pipelines. The best thing about this CRM system is you don’t have to access a separate platform. All you need is the Streak google extension, and you’re good to go.

Once you have installed the extension, you can start interacting with the Streak CRM by clicking the orange Steak icon. It will have all the settings you can adjust per your requirements.

The Pipeline option exists below the Drafts tab. Clicking on the plus sign will reveal pipeline templates of several systems, such as projects, reports, sales, and orders.

You can choose the visualizations for the pipelines, get into the contact records, see files and comments for each thread, and much more. The only downside is that it’s a bit tricky to understand.

However, the free plan is there with a 2-user limit. You can check it out whenever you can.

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Next Stop, Better Customer Relationships

The CRM systems listed in this guide will help you sustain a good customer relationship. The data they will give you access to will help you fine-tune your branding efforts, and you’ll be able to serve your customers better.

To know more, and gain access to better tools, reach out to our experts at Telagus.


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