Do hair vitamins really work? Here’s what a dermatologist says

Do hair vitamins really work? Here’s what a dermatologist says

Since the past few decades, hair has been taken as a major sign of beauty as well as overall body health. This means taking care of your hair health is a top priority today, especially given the increased exposure of oxidative stress around the environment. Your hair health and growth potential is dependent on various factors including hormones, nutritional intake, genetics, stress levels, other medical conditions, etc. No matter the reason for your hair loss, a specialist at Youthful MD can help you find the best solution for you. They will first assess your individual case in order to determine the best course of treatment

Hair loss is the most common issue for all age groups and genders and so fighting the issues from the roots will help resolve it the fastest. 

All About Hair Vitamins

Even though hair vitamins and supplements are a recent addition in the market, the popularity of the same has seen both extremes with very satisfied customers on one end and highly disappointed ones on the other. They are basically products like capsules, gummies, tablets, etc. that are rich in the necessary hair vitamins that guarantee and promise increased hair growth, thickness, strength as well as shine. Most common hair vitamins that are known to be necessary to fight the hair problems of the current generation include zinc, biotin, vitamin C which is also a contributing growth stimulator for collagen, vitamin D, E, A, etc.


The current trend in the market is to prepare and promote hair products that are rich in hair vitamins and endorsed by influencers and celebrities to encourage other people to invest in the same. Yet, before you decide to jump on the bandwagon of investing in hair vitamins, let us discuss the effectiveness of the different hair vitamins, as per the experts.

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Types And Efficacy Of Hair Vitamins

Out of all the different hair vitamins available, the top ones that are recommended by the doctors and dermatologist to include in your daily diet and the efficacy of each is discussed below-


Oxygen is very necessary for the hair follicle cells to work effectively and promote hair growth. At present, according to research, iron is considered one of the top hair vitamins as it ensures proper oxygen supply to the hair and scalp, to reduce the chances of hair fall and dull hair greatly. Additionally, anaemia is also a possible health concern if insufficient iron is present in the body. Thus, dermatologists recommend the consumption of iron rich hair vitamins to promote hair health.

Vitamin D

Out of all the help vitamins, vitamin D is known to be solely responsible for the stimulation of new as well as existing hair follicles to promote hair growth and improve hair health significantly. As per experts, the autoimmune condition of partial baldness on the scalp and other areas of your body is due to vitamin D deficiency and so it is recommended to be consumed on a daily basis.


Another important hair vitamin is vitamin B7 which is also known as biotin when introduced with other hair vitamins. The main function of biotin is to increase keratin production in the hair which is highly necessary to increase the speed of follicle growth on the scalp. The follicular growth directly affects the scalp’s ability to produce new and healthy hair strands to build up increased hair volume. According to expert dermatologists, consumption of biotin regularly reduces the chances of hair thinning evidently.


One of the most vital hair vitamins that you require is zinc. It is not only beneficial for your hair health alone but it also effectively works towards improving your skin as well as nails. Zinc not only ensures that the hair follicles are well hydrated and safe by maintaining the oil levels around them, but it also actively works towards improving hair tissue growth and repair speed. According to dermatologists, zinc deficiency can greatly contribute to hair thinning and major hair loss in the long run, if not noticed.

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Vitamin C

Everyone who is even a tad bit interested in hair health and hair growth has already researched about collagen in depth. It is the one essential protein that is important to maintain overall hair health by ensuring the strengthening of hair follicles along with reduced damage to the scalp, and bare minimum potential of greying of hair as well. Now, vitamin C as one of the essential hair vitamins is directly responsible for the production of collagen and so is one of the necessary hair vitamins to be consumed on a daily basis, as per the experts.


To conclude, as far as the availability of different hair vitamins in the country, India is doing its best to put across the most necessary hair vitamins in the form of capsules, gummies, tablets, etc. To allow every age group and gender to make the best use of them. However, as far as the effectiveness of these hair vitamins is concerned, dermatologists do recommend the consumption of the above mentioned hair vitamins. But they also state that there is no scientific backing behind the exact effectiveness of consuming hair vitamins daily.


Overall, hair vitamins are as important for your hair as they are for your body and so including them in your daily diet is a must. Whether you do it by adding vitamin rich foods or you invest in hair vitamin supplements, the main focus should be hair health. So begin today and see the change.




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